Your mobile went off. Maybe it was work. Maybe it wasnt.  I was  annoyed. I dont know why.

Your wife was in the kitchen making us dinner.

As I watched you answer another message on your mobile, an evil thought formed in my mind. You were clearly distracted. Of what or of whom, I didnt know. However, I wanted your mind, your focus on me!

I scooted across the seat, inching closer. My hand brushed against your cock.

You lowered the phone. “What are you doing?” you hissed.

“I am bored. All you are doing is playing on your phone!” I pouted.

your gaze shifted down. You were silent, as I unzipped your jeans.

Fuck! I loved the size of your cock. It was hard. Long and thick. Throbbing.

“I am working” You muttered, as I stroked your cock.

“You are being rude!” I sighed.

“Is everything all right in there!” your wife’s voice made you tense. I giggled. “dinner will be done in half hour!”

You glared at me. “I am just working on some invoices,” you call out.

“You should be entertaining Becky!” you were quickly admonished.

“Yeah you should be entertaining me!” I giggled.

You growled warningly.

You lifted me up onto your lap, kissing me. The heat of your kiss, made me squirm against you. Grinding my pussy against your cock. I could feel the throbbing heat of your cock through my leggings, it made me so wet.

“I am not wearing panties.” I panted. “I am so wet, can you feel it?”

You groaned into my neck. your fingers slid between us, into my leggings.

I whimpered as you teased me.

You’re gonna make me cum.” I told you with a smile.

Caressing my soft skin, unbelievably tight pussy with one free hand,  you clamped the other  hand over my mouth, to silence my breathless whimpers of pleasure.  Sounds of my wet pussy echoed in the living room as you finger fucked me.

You knew your fingers were not going to be enough, not when I wanted your cock. .

you added a second finger, watching me stretch. ‘You are so tight, your juice is squirting all over my fingers,” you whispered. “I cant wait to fuck you so deep, to have you squirt all over my cock and balls. To have you dripping all over. Do you want that?”

Your words made my pussy clench. I nodded feverishly. You released my mouth.

“yes! Please make me cum!” I pleaded through my bliss.  Your fingers sawed in and and out of my pussy. Slowly your fingers withdrew leaving me empty.

Your hands tore my leggings off me.

Arranging my body so I was kneeling astride you, you lowered my wet pussy down onto your hard cock.

We both groaned as the clenching muscles of my pussy stretched to accommodate your cock.

Fuck! I loved the feeling of being filled.

My hips churned slowly, sliding up the length of your cock, hovering for a moment before sliding down with long sensual stroke. Your hands gripped my hips.

The slow, thrusting speed picked up. My tight, wet  pussy milking every inch of your cock as if I was stroking it with my hand.

you reached between us to stroke my clit.

I could barely handle it. My orgasm ripped through me. I opened my mouth to scream. You quickly bury my head in your shoulder, muffling it. My body was quivering, my pussy juice soaking your cock, dripping down your balls to puddle on the floor.

We suddenly heard a crash in a kitchen.

We froze.

You were deep inside my  pussy, throbbing.My body still trembling from the force of my orgasm. I was boneless from  raw, uninhibited pleasure.

“Oh fuck I just dropped a pan!” your wife shouted. “Supper will be on the table in 10 minutes.”

You glanced at me. A smirk curving your lips. With a powerful surge of your hips you thrust hard. Cum jetted deep inside me. I collapsed against you in blissful contentment.

After a moment You nudge me. “You have to clean this mess up.” you chuckle. You gesture to the puddle of cum on the floor. My leggings. My make-up smeared face.

I glared at you. “Are you kidding me right now?” I was flabbergasted.

“Yep I have to get this invoices done!” you laugh.

Pouting I reached for the leggings, wiped up the floor with the fabric. “Good thing its hardwood huh?” you tease.

I jumped up and marched off into the guest bedroom for a change of clothing. “You are an asshole!” I toss over my shoulder.

“That is what happens when you distract me, you sex monster!” you laugh.

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♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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