I was in the library when I noticed a five dollar bill. I glanced around but there was no around. Just me. I bent down to pick it up. That was when I noticed wads of cash crumpled up underneath the shelf. Just crammed in. I should have left it alone but I started to scoop it all. I didn’t have a bag with me, it was at my table. I glanced up to find some chick watching me. Her eyes wild darting around. I frowned.Her  hair was dirty unkempt. Her clothes had seen better days. She was high, I surmised, a drug runner this was supposed to be hers?

I hurried up, stuffing some in my bra, socks and then in my sleeves. I hurried to my table where my bff spencer hastings sat. I noticed the girl was following me.

“Lets go” I hissed. ” grab my bag and lets go”

“Why I’m studying” she whined. I opened my hands to show her the money. 

“Oh my god,” she scrambled out of her chair in shock. ” where did you get that?!”

“Come on!” I insisted.

Spencer grabbed my bag, her belongings and following me out the door she asked excitedly “do you think it’s drug money?”

“Yep, because that bitch cracker behind us wants it pretty bad!” I giggled. Spencer glanced us to find the girl moving fast.

“Careful Spence, she has a gun” I went on. “Why don’t you keep this” I gave her the money, took her school bag, and shoved her into an alley. I pressed myself against the wall. The girl walked by and I lifted swung Spencer’s text book bag up into the girl’s face. She howled in pain, dropping her gun. Clutching her face.

“Stupid and vain as fuck” I muttered. I scooped up her gun

“My boyfriend is going to kill you” she wheezed.”your stealing his money”

“Really?” I drawled “he must really love you if he sent you to get it. And must be really stupid if he left it all at the library!”

She swung at me. I stepped away and slammed the butt of the gun into her face. She howled. “Yeah you two must be real geniuses” I sighed, “come on Spencer lets go”

Spencer was hesitant but when I explained how much science was involved in the drug trade, she became excited. Especially when she realized she could make her own drugs.

The girl took us to an abandoned train relay station. We could hear noise coming from within. 

There were skate boarders, Emos, lab rats all running around high as a kite. “Fuck, don’t tell me your boyfriend not only makes, sells but does the drug?” I groaned. “You don’t shit where you eat!”

Spencer took off her sweater and wrapped it up around her face. “Gross”

A man dressed in white with a shave head came out, “pookie? Who is this where is my money?”

“Ghost, baby she has your money. I tried but..” the girl stammered.

Spencer laughed. “Ghost? Your name is Ghost? Is that supposed to be scary?”

Ghost raised a hand, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Two men were advancing behind Spencer.

“Bitch really?” I shot Ghost in the kneecap. “Next person who moves, the bullet will be in his brain.”

The men froze.

“Kill them!” Ghost screamed sobbing as he clutched his knee.

“Move away from my friend. Or I will kill him” I snapped.

The men backed up. “Spencer grab their weapons”

She hurried over with their weapons.

I shot each one in the kneecap. “It makes it easier to focus when I know you aren’t trying to ambush me” I explained as they dropped to the floor, screaming and holding their knee.

I pistol whipped the girlfriend allowing her to fall unconscious to the ground. Grabbing Ghost, I hauled him up into a nearby chair.

“You are going to give me everything” I smiled at him. “The money, your contacts, your drugs”

“What does a Mennonite girl know about drugs anyway?” Ghost cried.

“You see my friend loves science. I love pain.” I purred. “Giving it.”

I reached down and pushed the nuzzle of the gun into his wound. He screamed. “I can go on. This is fun. How long can you go on?”

Ghost was pale, sweat pouring down his face. “You are crazy!”

“Crazy? Nah just a highly functional sociopath”

Spencer and I laughed.

-a dream I woke up from this morning! 😂😍


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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