A screencap of the now deleted tweet.

hee hee we were  really excited about this one!

Oh snap,son!





4 thoughts on “OH SNAP,SON!

  1. I hate seeing him on the television. I cannot imagine having to disembark from a plane and seeing him (many military exit points have pix of the president at them). He is destroying our nation. And so many people STILL like him. Shudder.


    1. lol i bet the many trump supporters are shooting themselves in the foot now. i think of Trump as a joke. idiots votes for an idiot, there is going to be some serious comedic blow back. either that a whole lot of “told you so”

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    1. I just don’t know why he isn’t impeached. All the bills Obama wanted to pass were blocked, this joker opens his mouth says something stupid and Bam! A bill is passed supporting his stupidity!


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