Crawling under the covers to finish watching my shows.

It’s snowing. It’s Saturday. Just another lazy day.

Ugh boob jiggle much😜

16 thoughts on “Crawling under the covers to finish watching my shows.

      1. Holy, then those are quite beautiful.
        Naaa, no body duble, I know that and I know your mentality.
        So…. workin today in the fast food or what?!! ……..I’m sexy and I know it….sorry, just bored, almost 8 a in the m , on a Sunday, haven’t got out and do no crazy things, sober like hell, will admit I had a few joints, but I guess is better than drinking,
        point being, can you show the lower part, and if you do there is a trade, I will show you my GRAND thingy


      2. I’ m hot, hotty di hot woman!
        I don’t know about kittys or cats or those strange things, I do know this you women like me and I have no idea why, like me to fuck me and out the windown I go the next minute, so you better be prepared because I’m gonna nail you until you can’t walk…..there it goes


  1. Lovely ladies you have. And, to be honest, I am jealous! Those are the kind of breasts I always wanted and didn’t find in the genes I was given. I totally see why you wear bras and double bras when you work. Me? I rarely wear a bra. Not much need!
    Now, please don’t mind my admiration!


      1. Well, not sure if it fortunate, but it is definitely enjoyed! There are many studies (oh, why didn’t they choose me for one of them!?!) about bras and saggy boobs and whatnot. Mine are old and have fed children. They are not in the best of shape and I am not fond of constrictions!


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