Well that was mortifying!

My boobs were now on fb!

I thought I edited my sharing preferences!😂

I only noticed 4 hours later!

What a noob!

I just realized it my family might see it!


Deleting post!

Off fb that is😂

6 thoughts on “Deleting 

  1. NOT liking! YIKES and more yikes!!!! I’m always worried a bit about the things I share in a different area of the net. So, do these comments show up on FB???? I didn’t know this was linked to your FB page. And if so, how come I’m not a FB friend??? Piffle!!!! I am sad you deleted them, they were incredibly nice! And I am glad when I saw this post it wasn’t that you were deleting your blog again–


    1. No these comments don’t pop up on my fb feed. I’m very choosy about what posts I have on there, thanks to the incident with my sister I rarely have fb friends as blog friends. They rat me out.
      But we can be if you want

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      1. I totally get the blog/fb friends thing. I have a handful. And my hands are SMALL! I’m not on FB a whole lot (Laughing as I have that tab open at the moment), with limited internet, I need to choose where I lurk. I’ll send you my information–

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