Making Plans

My friends and I made plans to see Beauty and the Beast. The animation was my favourite when I was a kid. I can’t wait to see if Emma Watson will sing in the live action adaptation!

We were supposed to go last Saturday until they found out my sister wanted to go too. She wanted to go on Tuesday. Suddenly everyone was making an excuse not to go.

My best friend G claimed he had an appointment. My mouth dropped in disbelief. “Lies! You are going to be curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

He laughed “no ask my girlfriend!”

I marched over to Dev “G says he is staying home curled up under the blankets watching basketball!”

Dev laughed. “Is he!”

G made a sound of outrage “no!”

“Yes! You think I don’t know!” I pouted “you promised to go with me!”

He laughed.

Today I find out the girls are going to the late show cause they want to see the movie in 3D!

“What?!” I cried 

“Oh it’s past Becky’s bedtime you know she can’t go!” Steve said, “sorry you have to go by yourself”

I pouted “you are evil, Heidi!”

Heidi laughed “not me, it was Dev!”

Dev shook her head “it was Heidi!”

Heidi asked if my sister was coming. I smirked “no she watched it already”

Heidi glared at me “we waited for her”

” I know ”

Before my shift was over, G asked if I went on Saturday.

“No because you were at home watching march madness!” I glared at him.

He laughed “but Becky we are watching Power Rangers on Friday!”

I smiled “are you sure!”


“Go go Power rangers!” I sang 

So I’m going with other people to see Beauty and the Beast! 💕

9 thoughts on “Making Plans

      1. it was good! I had a bento box. with teriyaki chicken and rice. 3 sushi rolls. 2 gyoza. i couldnt eat it all, so i had to take it home! Yum left overs! I love left overs! Except potatoes. Mashed and scalloped are ok. hee hee

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  1. Where I am, it won’t last long. Movies up here are week long things, unless it is REALLY hot. And I won’t get the chance to go. I might cry if I type more. I so wanted to see this in a theatre. Mom’s just not well enough to leave that long. OK, I’m teary now. You will have to tell me all about it. (My eldest hates to tell me movies, cuz it spoils them. I remind him, I rarely get out much and it won’t spoil it!)


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