Wtf is a Mc Ming 

Customer: I will have 5 Mc Mings

Me: excuse me?!

Customer: I said 5 Mc Mings!

Me: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Customer: the sausage egg wraps! 

Me: ok so let’s just call them sausage wraps!

Customer: yeah the Mc Mings!

And this is how orders get wrong.

Too lazy to communicate with us.

And how the murder rates increase in Canada!

11 thoughts on “Wtf is a Mc Ming 

      1. ah they got me mingey. they got me!
        or hilary clinton’s angry vagina.
        that was horrible. “its looking at me”
        “get out of there, Brian!”
        “ahh its eating my head! its eating my head!”

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