I love period pieces. Period mysteries . Especially gothic.

I havent read many gothic romance books but nonetheless there is nothing like the chill that creeps in my bones, or the adrenaline in the blood, or the heart beat of one falling in love.

However, there is nothing more annoying when the heroine/hero ignores all signs all warnings by others set before them. They ignore their instincts,So when they succumb before the villain is set upon them they are bewildered.


There were warnings! There were signs all were not right! Why ignore their gut feelings?

To make the plot ever so devilish?

or to make scream in frustration.

such as this movie.


this film is based on Daphne Du Maurier’s book My Cousin Rachel.

Phillip is trying to discover if Rachel poisoned his guardian or if he indeed died of a brain tumor.

Why not heed his guardian’s paranoia. his guardian complained of sickness and headaches. The tea tasted off? Dont drink it. Spill it instead.

ahh I want to watch this movie. Just because I love a good mystery, the deductions.


5 thoughts on “MY COUSIN RACHEL

  1. One reason I am a bad person to go to a theater with. I will sometimes say out loud to the character, “Oh, Really?????” BAD Kris!!! I prefer to read my mysteries. OK< Hercule Poirot is a GREAT deal of fun!!!


    1. One reason I’m bad person to go to a theatre with is because I will laugh if the emotional scene is horribly acted. (Jersey girl. Jlo death scene) I will also be in awe of a crime, serial killer or horror movie scene (I thought Hannibal rising was a beautiful movie)
      I’m so creepy most people don’t want to go to movies with me 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OK< we could watch movies together. As long as I could hide in the stressful parts. I have had at least two dates remove my hand from their arms during exciting movies. I don't watch those anymore! It is less difficult on everyone!


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