freeze me out

I’m beginning to hate WP for iPhone!

it freezes every time I reply to a comment!😡

So If it takes forever me to reply?

that is why!

poo on you WP!

7 thoughts on “freeze me out

  1. I don’to use it on my phone. I do on the ipad, and it is frustrating. However, I am pretty sure that is apple’s fault! When I want to do anything ‘real’, I use the laptop!


      1. lol got to love spell check!
        Sometimes it will correct me when I spelled the word right.
        I love using my laptop for all the things I need to do, but when I’m at work on my break that’s when I use the iPhone wp app. 😩

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  2. The website has been weird lately too! Not being able to reply to comments through the notification bar, only on actual sites. Very frustrating! Especially if you want to get a little teasing started and you have to keep refreshing…


    1. yes i noticed that too. WP has become really annoying lately! i had to delete the app on my phone again. so now i dont have it on my phone. so now i cant reply to anyone on my breaks! sadness! I have to wait til I get home!


      1. Oh no! I just use a chrome broswer on my phone for comments while I’m at work. I’ve never tried the app, since I can’t get too distracted. But the browser seems to work great!


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