what would be more painful?

Being able to read people’s thoughts and knowing what they think about you?

Being able to feel people’s emotions?

I think it would be more painful feeling people’s emotions

because I really dont care what they think about me.

Would my heart of stone shatter then?

-random thoughts while doing laundry


  1. I’m pretty sure I could handle emotions. I would HATE to know what people thought of me. I have a fairly low self esteem and knowing for sure that I was too fat or ugly or stupid would turn me into a quivering mass of me. I try not to let my interpretations of what people perceive bother me, but it does.


  2. I think that is why little white lies were told and accepted. Because we can’t bear to see others hurt if we tell the person ie: A doesn’t like B because A thinks B is a know it all but tolerates B anyway


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