It was one of those days when I thought it was Friday!

I woke up so happy, believing that the next day was Saturday and I would be able to sleep in! Well, that dream was crushed!

It didnt matter, I was still in a great mood. It was crazy busy when I begun my shift.

Now sometimes I dont mind doing lobby, and I had a gut feeling that I would be put in lobby. I wanted to be lazy today and not do any work! “You are in

“You are in lobby” someone chirped.

I frowned. “No I am not!”

“Yes you are, I just looked at the football field!”

What?! I hurried to the back of the kitchen to see if she was right. I face palmed myself. Stupid gut feelings! “Damn it, Steve! Why do you hate me!” I sighed.

He laughed. “Is there a problem Rebecca?”

I pasted a smile on my face, “No Steve, I love lobby!”

Thankfully, he had me as back up. That meant I was supposed to help lobby and whoever needed help.

“Good, please sweep the mud up” he asked. I did as he asked.

One of the problems managers have with me whenever I do lobby, is I can be such an asshole. I let my OCD get the best of me, I can also be a bit grumpy whenever someone interrupts me whenever I am in the middle of a task.

“Oh Rebecca?” someone’s syrupy sweet voice chirped out at me. I looked up. “This customer said there was a mess in the men’s bathroom.” she was smirking at me.

So what if the bathroom is dirty, I thought. Whoopee do da. I walked into the bathroom, thinking that the few drops of water on the counter was not enough to be considered dirty. However, I was compelled to go near the stall.

“Why can’t anyone be clean” I muttered as I opened the door. Words could not describe the rage that befell me when I saw that stall.

Image result for rage gifs

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I exploded. Obscenities spewed from my mouth as I marched out of the bathroom to grab cleaning supplies.

Door propped open, cleaning supplies everywhere, gloves on I marched back in to handle the disgusting mess someone left me.

“this is fucking great!” I am plunging away at the toilet. I looked up and some guy is staring at me.

“Seriously?” I snapped. “You see the door is open I am in here. Use the family bathroom!”

He smiled. “Oh yeah ok.”

The IQ of some people were astounding. I had to tell several people to go away while I cleaned. Yeah because this was uni bathroom!

After I finished with the bathroom, I cleaned myself up and I was allowed to go into drive thru. Thankfully.

I was laughing and enjoying myself. Until I had to go the bathroom myself.

The crew bathroom wasnt working we had to use the public bathroom.

I had decided to check the rest of the stalls as I finished up. I opened the last stall.

Related image

“Nooo! You fucking son of bitches!” I howled. the toilet had been crammed full of TP. There was shit on the seat. On the floor.  Everywhere. It was just my lucky day.

I marched back to the kitchen. “I wont be back for awhile. I am cleaning up the bathroom”

I finally emerged from the bathroom disgusted with the human race.

I returned to the kitchen, scrubbed down clean.

“Why are you so grumpy?” a manager chirped.

I stared at him. “I just spent 20 minutes cleaning shit off the floor. Do you mind”

“Oh where are you on the football field.”

He knew where I was supposed to be.

“Wherever” I was at the coffee station making coffee.

“Rebecca” he needled.

I raised my head, shot him a warning glare. “I am wherever. Right now I am helping make coffee” I answered.

“Go on lobby”

Steve laughed at my expression and at the manager’s.

“One moment.” I murmured. I served the  customer, and went to wash my hands.

The manager smirked “Team player, Rebecca” he laughed.

I slowly turned on my heel to glare at him. “Dont talk to me about being a team player, were you cleaning up shit off the floor?” I hissed.

His expression was priceless. The smile faded. He looked uncertainly at Steve and then at me.

“You just stand there. You are not a team player!” I snapped back.

I marched into lobby.

My mood perked up when Baby G and I goofed off. Sure I did my work, but I wasnt trying my hardest.

My irritation with mothers sparking whenever I would try to clean a table they would suddenly shove themselves into the booth. “Excuse me!” I snapped.

They blinked. “What?”

“I am not done here. Please leave.” I snapped.

‘Well you are almost done arent you?”

I glanced at the stickers on the table, mud on the booth seats. “No! I will call you when I am done.”

“but there arent any tables!”

I pointed to the many clean empty tables around me. “Thank you!”

However, I had a laugh when I asking these little kids to put on their socks.

Both looked at me with wide eyes. The eldest spoke up. “The last time I didn’t wear socks I stepped in pee!”

I burst out laughing. “Well, thats why we wear socks right? That is so gross!”

“Yes, its gross! I am wearing socks!” he agreed.

I was still laughing when the little one stared at me “I am wearing my diaper! So I don’t have to wear my socks!”

I laughed harder. “Yes you do!”

Well for a rough day, it was beautiful day outside. Summer like!




  1. I can’t understand how people can get faeces all over the place. Surely if they stand up and turn around to flush they can see the crap they’ve left. There should be cameras in stalls so that these people get identified as they walk out and people can avoid them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not that Rebecca would in any way be inappropriate, but with appropriately installed speakers, if someone left a message she could scream, “Clean that shit up you disgusting piece of shit!” She could then capture a still image and project it on the “Your order is ready” screen at the main counter.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That would be funny!
        I have had a lot of customers give me weird looks because I am always muttering and cursing when I walk out of a bathroom when cleaning it!
        I don’t know if it would be surprising if I would shout out “clean up your shit!”
        It would be hilarious though seeing their faces!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I am not surprised anymore by how lazy people are!
      If I could I would have those pictures of people shitting everywhere and post them on the wall in the bathroom, everywhere.
      It would be like those pet-shaming pictures on the net!😂

      Liked by 1 person

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