What food makes you think about sex?

  • There is something about a banana. The phallic shape I suppose. I remember when I was younger I was reading a book by Megan McKinney (one of my favorite books) when the heroine got tired of the hero’s sexual innuendos, she was eating a banana. Very seductively! She took a pair of scissors, and snipped the banana in half! His eyes bugged out! Also the vision of teasing a man by slowly sucking the banana into my mouth, my mouth a nice O. hmm such a turn on!
  • Chocolate! Its a sex substitute! It makes a woman happy!  Especially Dark Chocolate. Fuck I love Dark Chocolate! It contains L-arginine, an amino acid that can be an effective natural sex enhancer for both women and men. It also increases blood flow to your sex. Not to mention the vision of smearing chocolate all over a lover and slowly licking it off. Oh my god! Followed by some whipped cream!
  • Oysters! I love oysters, but I prefer mussels. I remember telling Chad some foods were aphrodisiacs and he asked what that was. I laughed. “something to help you get in the mood for sex” he had to walk away. The tiny little meaty treat in its shell reminds me of a clit. And if you slowly suck it into your mouth! Damn!
  • Ice Cream: the licking motion of a tongue as it swirls around the swirled peaks. It is so mesmerizing. And makes me really horny. I had to tell my co-worker that watching her lick her ice cream was making me think naughty things, and she looked up at me. She smiled. Licked once more. I almost creamed my panties right there!
  • Honey: seeing it slowly drip, reminds me of pussy juice.
  • Grapes: I love grapes. Slowly sucking one into my mouth, for some reason I am reminded of sucking on a man’s ballsack. Weird.


  1. SPINACH – Come to think of it, Popeye and Olive Oyl were always chasing one another around. Eating spinach puts you in the mood by increasing blood flow below the belt.


  2. I’d love to sit and watch your pussy juice dripping down as you watch another woman eating ice cream; and then enjoy you both in an erotic tangle of sensuality.


    1. Ooh now there’s a sexy image for the day!
      I would love to see the ice cream drop down her body between her thighs and lick every sticky cold drop with my tongue. Til I get to her pussy. Have her squirting and coming all over my face as I eat her out💦😍

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      1. I’d love to watch you doing that, and then eating your pussy while you’re eating hers so I can make you cum and squirt all over my face. I love to make a woman squirt.


  3. I have thought about this often today- There are some ice creams which can cross my eyes and make me swoon. Few food items make me think of sex (ie, the cucumber). Licking and sucking on a straw is erotic. Pan fried shrimp (not the ones I made tonight!!!)….so firm, tasty to lick, and incredibly orgasmic.


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