I really enjoyed this episode of NCIS. It was humorous and a bit weird at the same time. A ransomware virus hit NCIS and they had to use burner phones.  They had to do their jobs the “old fashion way”

No smartphones. No GPS.  No wi-fi. No camera phones. No pre-programmed phone numbers. They had to rely on ancient technology (hee hee) Flip phones!

Gibbs had no problem with that, his mobile was a flip phone from the early 2000s!

Reeves: I feel like I’m back in 1997

Bishop: I don’t know how Gibbs does it!

Gibbs: I do just fine!

Bishop: Gibbs can you help me? I can only program 9 phone numbers!

Gibbs: I know.

Bishop: so how do you manage?

Gibbs: I remember them.

the team bumbled around with the flip phones, with the antennae, searching for a signal – it all reminded me of when I got my first mobile.

the small screens, no wifi, trying to download music? Forget about it! And messaging took forever because of the double tapping on the keyboard or the shift key! I hated double tapping!

Something caught my eye, I turned my head. There on the kitchen table, My lap top turned on. My mouth dropped open in disbelief. Oh my god! That was scary! Here I am watching a show about computer viruses and then my computer turns on by itself?


I turned back to the tv, I was too freaked out to check out my computer.

Gibbs: Does anyone know how Asher was  frozen?”

(face palm)

me: seriously? If a computer programmer has been missing for 15 hours and he has been found frozen solid in the back of his trunk? This isn’t Rocket science, Gibbs.  He certainly wasn’t put on ice! haha

me: fine it was liquid nitrogen!

Abby: liquid nitrogen Gibbs!

Me: yes because it was so hard to come to that conclusion!

It was a great episode!

One thought on “NCIS: A BOWL OF CHERRIES

  1. I enjoy both NCIS and the LA series. I watch them all the time when at my Oregon house. Mum likes them, but she found it startling that Palmer has a baby (yeah, she is that far behind). I like NCIS, but I LOVE NCIS-LA. I always laugh and laugh while watching that show. You can tell they have fun. And who doesn’t love Densi? And th irony that in real life Kenz is married to Deeks brother (his stunt double).


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