Death wish

Customer: I will have a # 1. with 1 cream and sugar

i punch in his order.

customer: did I ask for a large coffee? No I didn’t! I asked for #1! It comes with a small!

my eye twitched. “Please clarify next time you would like a small. The meals come with large in drive thru”

customer: the meals come with a small!

maybe I stuttered. But I was pretty clear.

“Please clarify you would like a small with your order. Thank you have a nice day” I repeated ever so sweetly.

why would you want to mess with me on this beautiful day!😡😂


11 thoughts on “Death wish

      1. Can you imagine what it would be like if we ever did get together? I mean, I know I can; I’ve written plenty enough of my ideas about us. Fact is stranger and much more wonderful than fiction.


  1. Giggling at the comments above! Query, your coffees in the drive thru are larger than inside? Why would anyone want to NOT go thru drive thru for a coffee??? (Besides me. I don’t like coffee)


    1. in the restuarant there are unlimited coffee refills. once you leave the building you have to pay.
      however in drive thru there are no refills allowed. it makes more sense to buy a large than a small in drive thru.
      people still have no idea how refills work. lol

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  2. I have evil thoughts of arriving at your counter and ordering like the idiots you describe just so I can see your eye twitch 🤣😂
    And then, I would run like the wind 😃


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