You tease me with your kisses. Soft playful kisses, you smile against my lips

“You naughty little sex monster” you purr against my mouth. Your hands hold me still so I cant wiggle against you. So I cant touch you. “were you blogging about me again?”

I nodded breathlessly.

You laughed. “What am I going to do to you?” you ease yourself between my thighs. Wedging yourself tight. I could feel the hard length of your cock through your jeans. I inhaled sharply with delight as it throbbed against my aching pussy.

You rocked your hips, your cock grinding against my clit through my leggings. I wiggled trying to free myself.

“No,” you were stern. “You were being a teasing little bitch in your blog now its time for your punishment!”

I gasped as you surged against me again. The tempo of your dry humping was slow, maddening. The friction of your body against mine, my breasts scraping against your chest the fabric of your jeans drawing out the torture even more.

My pussy was soaked. I was close to coming, my breathless sighs and whimpers begging you for release.

You smiled at me, “you need to slow your roll” you eased off me.

-I was kind of inspired by a twitter feed I found awhile ago. the person had nothing but tweets about a guy she wanted to fuck. She would link to his twitter. How she wanted him, how she wanted to fuck him. I was kind of on the fence about that. ( i kind of do that in my writing, dont I?)

There is fan fiction and then there is dedicating a whole tweeter feed to a person you dont know and yet you want to have sex with.

Would you be freaked out or be “honoured” that someone dedicated their writing to you?



8 thoughts on “DEDICATE

    1. you certainly do write such wonderful stories! they are so hot they could melt the sheets!
      I wish i could write as hot as you do, I feel like a little puritan girl trying to write. ha ha
      somehow the emotions and erotic sensations never seem to convey right to the story when I write.
      but yours do!
      You write wonderfully! so yes you do give your heroines honor!

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  1. Agreed with those above. If it was someone I knew and liked already, this would be cool. If it was more of a stalking thing, that would creep me out. I almost always write about people I know or would like to know in a more intimate way. BUT, I never name them!


    1. I wrote erotica about one person and when I found out he was reading my blog, I was so mortified! oh my god. Thankfully he hadnt read those stories until I told him to. Now thinking about i think he showed his cousin my threesome stories (I wrote about him and his cousin) dear lord why did I have to think about that now!

      Liked by 1 person

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