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Last night I had thoughts about being on the beach somewhere in the tropics. Like the Maldives.

Its late night, we are lying together.

Enjoying the pounding of the waves against the beach. The night sky. The warm night air.

Its so beautiful.

All I could think of was how peaceful it must be, forgetting everything. Being with someone I love.

No stress. No worries. Just laughter. Touching each other. Kissing.

My idea of paradise.

Its Friday.

I have to go to work soon.

I rather be in paradise.


6 thoughts on “MY IDEA OF PARADISE

  1. Well I am already in paradise. I am in Florida. It does not get more romantic than making love on the beach at night with the possibility of people seeing you. then go skinny dipping afterwards


    1. ah florida is nice. i would like to go there too some day.
      I would like to go to the Keys.
      Mostly because some of the mystery books I read were about the Keys. and of course CSI Miami. I know I am horrible.


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