I had a great day!

is that blasphemous for a Monday?😂

It’s rare when Mondays are great! Just something about going back to work ☺️

While I was in drive thru with BVS  we were provoking the coffee person by having intelligent conversation. 😂

BVS and I were discussing mathematical equations and history, and she would pipe up some rude comment directed towards me. It suddenly became clear to me she was trying to include herself in the conversation by being petty.

an evil idea formed. She wanted to be included in the conversation?

Poor girl had no chance.

The conversation was so easy to follow a fifth grader could follow!

1. Who built the Ark? (She answered this previously and said it was Joan of Arc!)

2. 5 out of 4 people have problems with this question. She stared at us incredulously. “Are you kidding?” She exclaimed “I have problems with fractions!”

5 out of 4 people! She frowned. “Oh my god! You can’t take 5 out of 4!” She cried.

by now I am hysterical! I can’t take orders! She was becoming flustered!😂

“shut up Rebecca! I am trying to make coffee!” She snapped.

“does it hurt your brain to do two things at once!” I almost collapsed to the floor.

3. “what about imaginary numbers?” I asked.

she turned to glare at me. “You know there is no such thing as imaginary numbers!” She scowled.

“yes there is! ask BVS!” I replied.

“it’s the square root of 1” BVS answered.

she stared at us. “You are making that up!” She cried accusedingly.

4. “Here is an easy one!” I said “what is pie?”

she scowled “a dessert,duh!”

BVS howled with laughter. “Oh dear god!”

“ok Rebecca! What’s pie?” She sneered.

“3.14 and so on” I sighed.

she threw the coffee lid at me and stormed off.

I looked at BVS “and that is how you solve a problem!”

BVS just shook his head.



13 thoughts on “HOW TO SOLVE A PROBLEM

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