What is it about lack of communication between men and women?

A woman will be sweet, sugary and sultry as fuck to get what she wants and she is called a manipulator.

A woman will be assertive yet nice and she is called a ball busting nagging bitch.

A woman  asks a man if he can show her how its done  its no problem.

However if a woman shows  a man how its done, its like she ripped his  ballsack off and slapped him in the face with his proverbial manhood!

I was thinking about this the last couple of days.

More so today.

Why is a woman a nag? She asks nicely for someone to do something. If that person didnt do it right away as she asked, why is she in the wrong when she asks again?

“I know. I will. How about you do it?” a woman shouldnt have to hear those words when she wants help. She wants to hear

“ok, just give a few minutes and I will be right there. Are you ok do you need help! Let me help you with that!”

and nothing grates on my nerve when I hear the word no!

Image result for i got your bitch gifs

I was in the middle of an order and my battery died. I was handing the dead battery to a coworker. “could you please bring this to the charger” I asked nicely.

“Not right now, put it here.” he placed the battery next to the charged batteries. If I wanted that I could have done that myself, but I didnt know how many batteries were charged.

“Please take the battery to the charger” I took the battery and pressed it into his hand.

Image result for i got your bitch gifs

“I cant right now” he said.

“I said take it to the charger!’ I snapped. “I am in the middle of an order do you mind!”

He stared at me increduously like I had the gall to talk to him like that. “I know my job, Rebecca. But I am double checking!”

I glanced at the presenting table. There was 8 orders that were already double checked. Enough time for him to go to first booth and come back.  I glanced back at him. By now I am in a mood. I dont have time for these stupid games!

My eye twitch.

“If you know your job, how about you do it! Instead of just standing there how about you help out and be a team player. Someone asks you to do something, please do it!” I snapped.

I pivotted on my heel and stormed into my booth

I guess someone else witnessed my blow up, and had a talk with him about his issues being a team player. Oh boy.

So I dont think I was a being a nag. Or a manipular. Maybe a bitch. However I think he learnt his lesson.

Never say no to me.



Never try to pull a power trip with me.

I dont have time for that!


  1. I have been doing a lot of wondering. About this and other things. If a guy plays around, it is ok. A girl does it, she’s a whore or a slut. Labels are bad, yet we watch videos of sexy singers both male and female who flaunt sex. Crazy world. Am glad you are doing your part in yours!


    1. That such a good point! It is so horrible we label each other like that.
      There is such pressure to be good
      Yet men are encouraged to sow their wild oats!
      I don’t think men realize how lucky they have it not being a woman!

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      1. omgosh! I read an article awhile back. It was about a guy who had been born a girl. He said he had no idea how freeing it would be. He wasn’t asked to bring cookies or treats to parties anymore, he could walk home from a bar without being afraid, and he wasn’t asked to get coffee for guys who wanted one if he happened to get up and get one for himself.


      1. i m only rubbing my thumb in small circles under the head of your cock and I can do that for hours and I will squeeze your cock and balls every time you beg to cum. You squirt I will make you lick it up

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      2. A tub full of hot bubble filled water, my hands oiled up so that I can massage your tired feet, working my way up your calves, your knees, and then your thighs. I can then concentrate on your inner thighs until I reach your middle, sinking my well oiled fingers in to your core ….

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