I went to see Fast and Furious: Fate of the Furious on Thursday with my friends.

I loved it!

Hobbs and Deckard Shaw bromance

Shaw protecting a baby

Roman being comedy gold.

and the cars

Lots of cars. I am talking car-mayhem!

I had anxiety about driving before,  my anxiety went off the chain when I saw hacked cars ploughing into each other, driving off buildings.

Nope think I will stick with the classic cars.

So what was with my beef with the movie?

Scott Eastwood!

Image result for you got beef gifs

Its a 8 movie series,  lots of characters from the previous films and yet they introduced this idiot.

A character that did not have to be written in at all.

I was excited to have Charlize Theron as Cypher, a villain,  her talent was wasted in this movie. OR maybe this character was just useless, and not needed at all. this character was supposedly behind every crime Dom and his team stopped.

The character was philosophical, brilliant, she didnt believe in love, or pain, “even Anonymous was afraid of her”  she had no ID and her digital history was untraceable and somehow she needed Dom to get what she wanted.

Related image

in the end, she just spewed meaningless garbage,  one might expect from a ego-maniac.

I didnt like Scott Eastwood or Charlize Theron in this movie, but it was a helluva movie♥



3 thoughts on “FATE OF THE FURIOUS

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