I was doing my best to conceal my hunger for you. To keep my distance. You were standing there across the room, mingling with others. Taller than most, you towered over the group you were with.  In dress casual, charcoal grey slacks white polo shirt. You would smile laugh, sip your wine and when you would catch my eyes, the heat of your stare would warm my skin. Would make my heart skip a beat.

My mobile would light up, tucking my hair behind my ear I would glance down to find you messaged me.

“you bored yet?”

I would smile and bite my lip. And messaged you back. “extremely”

I would slyly look over at you, to find you reading my message.

“I am thinking of all the nasty things I want to do to you right now.” you text back. Your words made me wet.

You are so close, with everyone milling around not paying attention to you or me, I decided to take things in hand. Or you in hand.

I pocket my phone and wander over. “Hello” I greet everyone in your circle, making small talk I let my hand brush against your slacks. You shift, groaning quietly as my hand covers your hardening cock.

I stroke your cock as I make my small talk. The heat of your body behind me is scorching my skin. Your breath is in my hair. Every part of me is aware of you, the throbbing of your cock in my grasp. The heat and length of your cock begging to be released.

“I think it’s time for me to go,” I laugh, “it really is hot in here. It’s making me light headed.”

You groan as I ease my fingers off your cock. “I will walk you out.”

You follow me two steps behind as I leave the party to go upstairs.

Your hand caught mine and hauls me against you as we clear the top of the landing. Holding me hard against you, your mouth on mine I feel your hunger, your impatience.

Your hands slide up my arms, my shoulders to frame my face, you tilt my head back. You stare into my eyes. “I want more than one nights. I want you to wake up next to me” your breath is harsh on my lips as you speak. “I don’t want you waking up alone anymore.”

My heart hammers hard in my chest, your words nearly leave me undone. “We cant..”

“don’t tell me ‘We can’t’ ” your voice is raspy with emotions. “I broke my vows when I took you to my bed. I should be with her, but my mind, heart stays with you.”

I smile. “We have moments, can’t we cherish them?” I ask. “You know I never ask for more..”

You close your eyes, and rest your forehead on mine. “you should ask for more. Why do you settle? You should ask for the moon. I would gladly give it to you if I could!”

I kiss you. “I know.”

You take me by the hand, leading me to a bedroom. You close the door behind us, kissing me as you do so. You undress me, kissing my skin as you reveal it. When I reach for you, you ease back until you too are naked as I.

You draw me close, til our bodies touch, your skin hot hard against my softness. You brush my hair from my face. “I want to give you everything” you whisper. “Everything.”

  • i was in a romantic mood today ♥♥

17 thoughts on “GIVE YOU EVERYTHING

    1. My heart decided to let me feel emotions today 😂 Trying to write it down is so hard! I wish I could convey what my characters feel, experience and how they express their emotions!
      Ah I need a magic pen! Or laptop 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I read a couple last night–shorter books. They were good, except you could tell it was the same author when the same damn things happened over and over in each completely different story.


  1. You have put me in the quite the romantic mood too! And, I’m also feeling very hungry…😈🔥 This is a really great write. This is a great story…a lot to explore before and after this scene. Take them there, beautiful girl😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Michael!
      Whenever I’m trying to write my thoughts, emotions especially when it’s a romantic scene I feel like they are words. They are empty. Its not coming from my heart. So it’s rare now days that I write romantic thoughts. Because I just don’t want words, I want readers to feel what I’m trying to write.
      I’m silly I know.
      Im happy you liked this piece 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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