We were lying together, snuggled under the covers. Sunlight peeking through the curtains. I burrow my face in your chest to hide from the morning rays. I lift my head, rising up on my elbows.

You look so peaceful, sleeping. Your face relaxed from stress and work. Your eyelids fluttering as you dream. Lips gently parted. Your hair messy. I smile.

Your arms around me tighten, startling me. I find you staring up at me, bemused.

“What are you doing?” you ask yawning.

“Waiting for you to get up.” I kiss you.

“ugh no. I wanted to sleep in.” you groan. “Why are you up this early?”

I giggle, kissing you again. “Its late. Its 10.”

“no!” you release me, to throw an arm over your eyes. “it cant be.”

“It is.” I wiggle myself ontop of you. “Tell me what are we going to do today?”

You make some sort of grumbling noise. “nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

I laugh delighted by your morning grumpiness. “what if I wanted to eat breakfast in bed?”

“I am not making you breakfast in bed!” you grunt as I kiss your jawline. I enjoy your morning stubble on my skin.

“Yes! I want eggs, bacon and toast!” I puncuated each word with a kiss down your throat.

“I am not making you breakfast in bed!” you bellow as my fingers trail down your chest. “please?” I purr against your skin as my lips follow. Wiggling down your body, pushing down the blanket.

Your breath hitches as I kiss your pelvic bone. “you are pushing your luck” your fingers comb through my hair, gathering up the messy strands up and away.

Your cock is hard, waiting for me. I smile up at you.

Your eyes meet mine, heavy-lidded. Daring me to continue my naughty tease. “You know what you really want, Becky. Its not breakfast.” you grated out in a harsh tone. “Either fuck me or blow me.”

I giggle “I love it when you tell me what you want.” I sigh.

My fingers stroke your cock, feathering the length with barely-there caresses. I love how your cock pulses with heat, pre-cum leaking, making me hungry for your cum.

You swore softly, as my nails tease the soft skin of your cock.

I watch as tiny beads of sweat glisten on your brow, the muscles in your abs are flexing as I continue my whisper soft caress on your cock. I love teasing you like this. Testing you, seeing how far I can bring you before you break and fuck me.

“Ah fuck, that is so good.” you croon. “take it in your mouth. I want to see your mouth on my cock. Taking it deep”

Your words send shivers of delight through me, I am so wet. I lower my head. I kiss the head of your cock. Brushing my lips over and over the sensitive tip.

“Yes, baby” you moan.

I let the tip of my tongue peek out, and took a tiny swipe at the length of your cock. You groan again.

you begin to surge your hips upward, your hands holding my head still. My lips sliding down the length of your cock, as my mouth sucked.

“Enough” you groan.

you throw me back, startling me. You kiss me. “You want breakfast? Work for it.”

I giggle and wrap my arms around your neck.

“I thought I did.” I pout.

You smile down at me, brushing the hair from my face. “You wake me up early to fuck, just admit it.” you kiss me again.

“No I was hungry.” I sigh as you tease my clit with your cock, you grind against me slowly. “Really hungry. I wanted eggs,” I become breathless as your movements become firmer, faster. “bacon,” I could feel my orgasm building. I bury my face in your throat, trying not to give into the hot sensations that seem to be burning like wildfire through out my body.

You urge me to look at you.”You are so wet, my cock is drenched. You really talking about food here?” you laugh incredulously. “You want to fuck, or you want to tell me to make you breakfast.”

“I want you to fuck me, and afterwards make me breakfast!” I cry.

Your hips came down hard, I cry out as your cock thrusts deep. Planting a kiss on my forehead, you grab the headboard for leverage and began a hard steady rythm.

The bed slams into the wall, as you pick up speed. Your hips rolling as your eyes never left mine.

I begin to cum, my body arching under you. My pussy muscles clenching around your cock, as my cum drips onto your balls, onto the sheets under me.

“Yes fuck!” you breath. “your pussy juice is spraying all over me”

I kiss you to shut you up. I feel another orgasm rolling on again, I raise my hips up to grind my clit against your pelvic bone, you sink deeper. Bottoming out. You groan.

I cum again, screaming against your mouth.

You moan, lowering us to the mattress. Your power and strength pinning me to the bed, as you finish cumming. Your hips hammering against mine.

I lay there beneath you, listening to your ragged breathing, feeling your cum drip out of me, content as a kitten.

Your laugh startles me. It rumbles from deep within your chest, and you roll off me bringing me close.

“I love your motivation for food.” you kiss me between laughing.

I pout. “but I was serious.”

“I know.” you sigh. “I know.”

-finished this before bed. Unfortunately now I am hungry horny and sleepy!


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♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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