The idea of vegetarians eating at fast foods puzzles me. They know fast food rarely have anything vegetarian, gluten free etc on the menu, yet they walk in and have a melt down because their expectations arent being met. But its ok wearing leather pants, rummaging through their leather bag for their leather wallet. It all screams hypocrisy.

One woman is such a person. She comes in most mornings. Has a melt down because we dont have vegetarian options.

I had the “pleasure” of serving her today.

She scrunched up her nose to read the menu, which was ridiculous because she knew what was on it. Ordered her usual.

“I will have 2 Mediterranean wraps.” she said in a crisp tone.

She knew we no longer had them. But ordered them anyway because they would magically appear out of thin air!

“We no longer sell them,” I replied.

She let out a dramatic sigh. “Well that was the only thing I could eat.” she snapped. “You don’t have any vegetarian dishes.”

Well, no shit sherlock! This isnt Booster Juice! Where do you think you are!

I raised an eyebrow, “You can order anything without meat.” I suggested.

“Yes but it has bread. I cant eat bread.”

You cant eat bread. But you were going to eat a Tortilla. Go fuck yourself you high maintenance bitch, I thought. Seriously.

“I guess I will have to order breakfast.” she sighed. Again! As if that was going to kill her.

But wait! Breakfast! No! Breakfast has bread. Eggs. cheese! Whatever shall you do, I thought

“I will have 2 egg muffins. No ham. But I want extra egg.” she ordered. “Dont charge me for the egg. Make that meals.”

Fuck my life!

“I want a caesar! No meat. That means no bacon!”

so you clever bitch, what are you going to do with the cheese?

“and I want an extra pop!”

So I was about to charge her for the cup, and there was another meltdown. This time I wasn’t nice. “You can’t have a free pop!” I snapped.

“Well, I want a water cup for my pop.”

“no, you can’t have a free pop! you have to pay for it!”

“I want a water cup then! make sure its the same size as my apple juice!”

How about you get out of my face!

She leaves to go sit down, while her mom waited for the order. Her mom took the order to the table, returned and asked for someone to wipe down the table because some kid had stepped all over the table. Now there were footprints all over the table.

I assure her I would be out there right away.

I follow her to her table, with a tablecloth meant for cleaning a table. Her daughter was chowing on her salad, whining how there wasnt enough dressing for her salad. Seriously?

There werent footsteps on the table. But on the booth seat. I groaned, and face palmed myself.

My towel was really wet, so I wash the seat down. I straightened and the parents cornered me into the booth. I sigh. “I am going to go get paper towel so I can dry off the seat.” they stared at me, stared at the seat. They wouldnt move.

“Oh kay”

I wait for them to move. “Excuse me.” I start moving out of the booth, they still wont move.

Oh my god!

“Excuse me. Sorry” I was getting really annoyed now, and the mother finally moved out of my way so I could finish my job.

I suppose I was being bit of a bitch.

24 thoughts on “BUT I AM VEGETARIAN

      1. Imagine if you were a superhero with special mental powers to turn dumb people smart and make them aware of how dumb they really were. There would be a lot of grateful people out there.


      2. It would be much more popular. At the end of each show the winner would be shown and you would give them a Rebecca Stare and they would freeze solid and then be dumped in a dumpster out the back of a certain fast food restaurant chain.


    1. Yes I agree with you. When I go out I always try to be chill with my orders and not be taxing on the waitstaff. If there is nothing I like I don’t go there. Or I do like it. But they can’t be accommodating like “I’m sorry we don’t do that here” I adapt and eat something else. I don’t have a meltdown every time I can’t have my way. Customers are not right all the time

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      1. I have allergy to wheat…more like intolerant, like a dairy intolerance. I can eat wheat, but must deal with the discomfort later if I’ve had too much. But I know that before I go somewhere and don’t make a big deal over it.
        On another note…if I ever became allergic to pussy, then I would bitch about that. that is by far my favorite meal.

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      2. I used to be unable to eat tomatoes. Especially in public. But I ate enough of them to get over that.
        Allergic to pussy. Lol.
        I wonder if my friend who was allergic to oranges, lemons etc would have an allergic reaction if his wife ate oranges. And he went down on her. Now I’m picturing that. Such a stupid thought. Sorry😂😜

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      3. a meal everyone can enjoy. fuck, now I am hungry. but not for food…lol
        i want a woman sitting on my face, and a cock inside me. I want her riding my face as I make her cum non-stop. look what you did, Trip!!!

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  1. Allergies are horrid. I have a friend who is allergic (deathly) to most mints. Toothpaste, shampoos, everything can set him off. Scary! And, I totally agree with Gary. You are a SAINT! (most of the time, anyway!) –am laughing as I type.

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