I went to the crystal shop today!

I love crystals! I must have over 200 by now.

I purchased Green Kyanite, Ruby in Kyanite , chakra set and crystal intentions oracle

Of course when I go into a crystal shop I never know what I want to buy. Crystals usually just call out to me.

I usually buy crystals for one purpose.

To focus on my chakra energy.

Over the years I found myself changing alot, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically for the better.

Perhaps it was the crystals, or maybe it was just my intention to be better. Either way crystals help me focus on that intention.

Right now I am wearing.

  • Shiva lingam
  • quartz
  • moonstone
  • lapis lazuli


8 thoughts on “NEW CRYSTALS

    1. ah good question, Ren!
      i started out by buying them from a local shop in my town.
      but i will see if you have crystal shop around your area. and I will look up crystal sets for you on amazon.
      and you can make a decision 😉


    2. it is best to look for a smaller shops around your area that way you can talk to the person who owns the shop. they can inform you what kind of crystals you might need.
      the owner of the shop i first went to, told me I was in need of orange. my sacral chakra was out of balance. She suggested carnelian. However, if you dont want to go to the shops around your area, i suggest you go online.
      buy chakra stones set. or
      Look for quartz . Clear quartz is a Master Healer. That is the one you want to begin with first. Then Citrine. As that is one which doesnt need to be cleansed often, and can cleanse other crystals of negativity. It also brings happiness and good luck. It is a solar plexus chakra stone.
      next is amethyst. It helps with dreams and fear. it is the crown chakra stone.
      Next is Rose Quartz. This helps with the Heart Chakra. love, romance but the heart chakra is a mostly green color. so green colored stones like adventurine will do well with this stone.
      but to find the best stone for you, you must let its energy find you. Dont pick it because I told you to do it. You pick it up. and the vibrations from the crystal will either make you feel fantastic! or you wont feel nothing. If you feel nothing, then dont buy it. Walk away.
      I love the vibrations! they make me feel so peaceful!


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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