I was so happy this morning because I was working with my favorite drive thru team. I always have so much fun with them. We talk, we sing, we laugh, and there is no stress because I dont have to throw cups at them.

However, I had a headache within five minutes of my shift.

It is so hard to be so nice and polite to the order taker. Bellowing hello after barely coming to a stop! Wow. They were only at the speaker for 2 seconds. It must really tiresome to wait until we greet them!

It must be tiresome to read the menu. I mean the pictures are so big! Guessing everything must look the same. I dont know how the order taker knows the difference between a #2 sausage egg muffin and #4 burrito because they look the same.  Doesnt anybody know the difference between a sausage egg and sausage? How? It must be so frustrating to be asked if they wanted the sausage egg when obviously they did, duh they said sausage muffin!

How would the customer know if it’s right on the screen? They can’t order and read at the same time. Dont be ridiculous! No one has time for me to repeat the whole order back BECAUSE “it is on your goddamn screen!  Dont make me fucking repeat myself”


My afternoon was going great until this one customer decided to order a bacon mc double no cheese extra pickle. I rang in a double hamburger no pickle add bacon.

“Excuse me!” he snapped, “I ordered a Bacon mc double no cheese extra pickle”

“Yes its on your screen” I sighed.

“No its not.”

“Yes it is.”

“it says double hamburger with bacon extra pickle”

Well what do you think you are ordering, shit for brains!


“Look, don’t make me come into the restaurant and talk to your manager” He snapped. “I have numerous conversations with other people about this.”

I raised my eyebrow and tried not to laugh. Talk to my manager? Go ahead and see how far that will take you, buddy. He is standing right beside me. “and? my manager is the one who told me we are not allowed to alter value pick burgers.” I replied. “Is there anything else you would like”

“Yeah I will see you at your window!” he snapped.

“Yes, you will” I laughed.

He pulled up to the window, madder than hornet. He asked to see the manager. The manager sighed, walked over and explained to him exactly what I told him.

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5 thoughts on “IT MUST BE TIRESOME

  1. lol. Enjoyed your post. I absolutely hate drive-thru’s. I figure if I can’t get my fat ass out of my car to walk inside and place an order face-to-face I don’t need to eat. Also, it doesn’t help when the restaurant’s speaker system is about as good as two cans on a string.

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    1. That is so true about the drive thru especially when it’s a beautiful day! Why not walk inside?
      And mumble mumble!
      I think I’m deaf now so when customers mumble I get annoyed
      Face to face is better

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