“some are madder than others” I muttered.

“will you stop playing your games! This is very serious!” My mother cried. “The Doctor says you are becoming worse!”

“what would you have me do,Mother?” I shouted knocking the chess board, scattering the pieces. “Should I do what I do best! Interact. Engage? Press on! I am,Mother! I am engaging the doctor! Let me tell you, your dear doctor is not who he seems!” I seethed.

i was a great detective, from an influential family. some likened me to Holmes. But my methods of solving a case were dark. To solve a case I had to think, emerge myself in the dark recesses of the criminal mind.

I would go where no sane person would. The abyss, stare into it.

My latest case had been one of magician killing his audience members. I had been on the cusp of solving it, when my mother had me locked up in a psych ward. “Apparently I had gone too far”

i was free to do as I want, providing, I got counselling, took my meds like a good girl. Wandering the halls like a wraith I began to notice patients disappearing.

of course “it had to be my mind on the mess I was in”

“mother, I am not prone to paranoia, and I do not take anything that would allow my mind to be foggy in anyway.” I tapped my temple.

she sat in her chair, staring stonily at me “so you have not been taking any drugs the doctor has prescribed?”

“mother, I am not so stupid to take anything that farce of man would give me! He is an Angel of Mercy! A sadistic one at that!”

my mother rose, “I see, I had hoped that you had made some progress, come along Harold.” She motioned to her driver who followed her everywhere like a lap dog. “Perhaps a longer stay is required”

i smiled bitterly “ah don’t worry about me, mum” I sneered “the extra time is what I need to investigate the dear doctor. I mean can’t have me about smearing the family name”

i sat myself down. Harold picked up a few chess pieces “here you go miss”

“ah Harold, please make sure you run the good doctor’s name.”

he winced”of course, miss”

“he thought he would be able to hide among the sheep” I whispered. “But I’m a sheep dog”

harold cleared his throat.”aren’t you the shepherd, miss?”

i laughed “am I?”

– a dream I had. I had a wonderful interrupted sleep until 5!


4 thoughts on “SOME ARE MAD

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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