Do not talk to me if you are not a pleasant person.

Do not talk to me if you are a negative person.

Do not talk to me if you can not handle sarcasm.

Do not talk to me if you can’t speak to me respectfully.

Do not yell at me or verbally attack me when I haven’t done anything to provoke such a reaction

cause I promise I will back hand you if you push me! My sweet good nature has an hair trigger temper!


9 thoughts on “BEING PLEASANT

      1. My day was ok. Made some money cutting grass. Sorry to hear about your migraine. I could have rubbed your shoulders, back, neck, butt, legs, and anything else if I thought it would help relieve the pain.


  1. i like to think that one should speak to another as if it is your mother farther auntie uncle brother or sister – treat people as you would like them to treat you – with respect kindness and sympathy – very best wishes


  2. I think in this day and age people are forgetting manners. Social media has also made it easier for people to say what ever they want without consequences. So when they speak to people in real life they are astounded by how many people are offended by their rudeness.
    Some people believe I am rude just because I am direct and honest, but I am not.
    I think many people forgot how to be nice😟


  3. RD—I concur! Unfortunately, those most likely to offend are completely unaware of their deficits in those areas. In fact, in my experience they are the most likely to think that others are the offensive, negative, and critical ones! Gotta love the human animal—DWD


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