Today I felt like a gross mutant.

I don’t know why our bodies have to be so disgusting when we are sick. Mucus, and coughing, blowing our noses. I mean we are women! we should be cute and dainty. Not horrible looking monsters that came out the swamp!

Of course, while I looked like a horrid creature, cute men are walking up to my window.

Asking me how I am doing? Blah blah.

I am staring at them like a zombie with a smile on my face, answering their questions in my cute adorable manly voice. (ugh losing my voice of course)

I was applying my lip balm. Not so adorable or sexy. I couldn’t attempt that if I tried.

How I wished I had looked:

Image result for how i apply lipstick gifs

How I really looked:

Image result for scarlett johansson applying lipstick gifs

I looked over to find a cute guy walking up to my co-worker’s window, watching me. His expression

Image result for smitten gifs

I almost dropped my lip balm!

While my morning was ok, it began to go downhill when a customer ordered his breakfast. A egg muffin meal that is all. He began to tap his interac card on the machine.

Seriously, dumb ass! Does it look like it is ready for you to use, I thought?

I waited for him to tell me his drink. He did not.

“what would you like to drink?” I asked with a smile.

He looked at me like I was dim-witted. “What do you mean what do I want?!” he snapped. “a coffee! A coffee comes with the meal doesn’t it?!”

The smile faded from my lips. My eyes narrowed. It took all I had not to reach across the counter and bitch-slap the stupidity from this guy’s face. “I do not know what you want sir. So please do not assume I do. ” I answered. “coffee comes with the meal but do I know that is what you want?”

My co-workers are gaping at my bluntness.

The customer is stunned for a moment. “Oh yes. Coffee is what I wanted.”

I pasted a fake smile on my face. “Alright then what size”

“Obviously the size that comes with it!” he snapped.

“Sir, again. I don’t know what you like. That is why I am asking!” I snapped.

“But the size is small”

“We  give out smalls here but it is usually medium or large for most of the customers,” I answered.

The customer was completely dumbfounded. “Oh”

Fucking idiot. Does it look like I am going to put up with your bullshit today, I thought as I accepted his money.

For the afternoon I had to be in First Booth. Oh, joy.

I was fully prepared for any emergency I may have run into. Disinfecting myself.

I had tissue, lots of wet sanitised bar towels to wash my hands, paper towel. The First Booth looked like a Triage center. Steve walked in and groaned. “Oh my god, Becky!”

“What?” I exclaimed. “I am fully prepared!”

He burst out laughing. “Dont tell me your sick!”

“Allergies, Steve! Allergies! They are killing me!”

“Gross, stay away from me!”


Then the nightmare continued.

  • When do your dollar drinks start? -The huge reader board outside didn’t tell you!
  • How does .053 become .055? I rounded it myself so it should be .050! – uh, math. 3 cents and up is 5cents. 5 cents and up is 10 cent. duh.
  • so what kind of salads do you have? Is it 610 calories? or 630 calories? – what the fuck are you talking about! Don’t order the meal by calorie number!

Wow thank god I was only in there for awhile.



  1. ohhh dear me – what a trial i am sure it was awful – but look on the bright side of life you didnt suffer fools gladly and you kicked ass when you had to – i am sure that when your not feeling down / ill / icky and whatever that your the kindest nicest gal on the planet and nothing is tooooooo much trouble for you – so have an off day every now and then – we will all appreciate you all the more – hope that helps a little – get well soon – most respectfully Yours alan

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  2. I hate allergies too. If it weren’t for good drugs and 2000 mg of vitamin C throughout the day, I’d be a mess too, plus I might be in anaphylactic shock. Ain’t allergies grand?!


    1. wow anaphylactic shock? that is scary. The severest allergy I ever had was to B12. I had to go to the ER and the doctors kept misdiagnosing me.
      I cant take too much vitamins or minerals. But if I dont take vitamins like iron or vitamin c etc I will be lethargic and anemic. its catch 22.


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