It was a gray dreary rainy day. Kids had no school. Do you know what that means?

It means parents dont want to deal with their kids, so they come in to have lunch.

We were slaughtered!

I have noticed lately I have been dealing with my stress and anger like it doesnt exist. I just ignore everything.

An inner peace washes over me, and I can watch the chaos erupt around me with a calmness that I never felt before.

Everyone else ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. It was amusing.

someone would get angry when I had to repeat myself over a coffee order. “I couldnt hear you!” she cried. “You dont have to talk to me like that!”

Image result for oh my god gifs

Seriously?! Like what?! I had to raise my voice so you could hear me,  I thought. “Whatever”

The runner for drive thru stopped what he was doing, and looked over to see what was going on.

“Oh my god, will you stop! You are panicking over nothing its not even 7:30!” Baby G snapped. “Why are you yelling at Rebecca?”

Well, the look on her face was priceless! Someone turned around. Her eyes wide, nostrils flaring angrily. “I couldnt hear her! She was the one yelling at me!”

My co-workers and I looked at each other. We started laughing. “She was telling you her order! Of course, she yelled at you, you couldn’t hear her!” J snapped.

Someone glared at us. “She didnt have to yell at me!”

J looked at her then at me, his expression was of bewilderment. “Seriously?”  he turned back to his window.

I was laughing so hard. I dont think she understood how ridiculous she sounded. However, the manager did not find it funny. He stormed over. “What is the problem?”

“She was yelling at me!” Someone cried.

I raised an eyebrow. “Yes, because you couldn’t hear me. So how was telling you my order 3x yelling at you!”

The manager stared at us. He face palmed himself. “Are you kidding!” he snapped. “If you two dont stop this!” he stared pointedly at someone, “I am going to send you both downstairs with Steve when he gets here and you can tell him! And you need to start listening!”

I smirked. Someone glared at me. “Dont bother talking to me!” she stormed back to the coffee station.

“I said stop it!” the manager shouted.

I was in drive thru thankfully for lunch. “Time to shine, Rebecca” Steve called out to me.

“I always do! I Shine like a diamond!” I sang.

“How about you dont.” Steve mumbled, referring to my singing Rihanna’s song.

I burst out laughing.

My day isn’t complete until I drive Steve crazy.

Fortunately, my orders weren’t too crazy.

I had an order for French Pressed Coffee.

I thought I heard wrong. “I am sorry?”

“French Pressed”

I burst out laughing. “Do you think we are that fancy! We arent” I could barely finish the order. “We have regular coffee. Or espresso.”

He ordered an Americano.

Just before I was off my shift, I take an order.

“May I have 4 London fogs.”

I thought it was a joke. “What?”

“4 London fogs.”

Now London Fogs are not a menu item. We aren’t supposed to make them. I punched it in any way. I start to make them when Steve walked over to help. “What is the ‘ask me'” he asked brusquely.

I smiled. Oh he was going to pissed.

“London Fogs” I answered, pumping vanilla syrup into each cup.


“London Fogs” I repeated myself. I grabbed some Earl Grey Tea bags. Put one in each cup.

“Hell no! We are not Star Bucks!” he cried.

We dont have a steamed milk button, we have to press Hot Chocolate. Well, I pressed Mocha. Oh my god! I was wondering why the drink was turning so brown! The espresso! fuck my life!  I quickly took the cups out before Steve could notice.

“How do you make London Fogs anyway?” he asked.

“Um, 2 pumps of Vanilla, steam milk, and earl gray.” I answered.

Steve then noticed I had the two cups of mistakes. “What are you doing, Rebecca? Oh my god! You made them wrong!” he exclaimed. “You took the order even tho we dont make them, and you made them wrong.”

His reaction made me laugh. “I pressed mocha!”

“Give me those!” Steve cried. “Oh my god, I hope this guy realizes this will be the last time he has London Fogs, thanks to you.”

I laughed harder.

He was trying to stir the tea with tea bag in, but the string wrapped itself around the spoon. “why me?” he lamented. “Why do you do this to me, Rebecca?”

“Its what I do, its who I am”



    1. It was really popular a couple years ago. I tried it.ugh. No way. A year ago ladies would come in asking to make hot chocolate with green tea. They put the tea bag in. Gross!if they like star bucks products why weren’t they over there drinking it

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