Cat Grant could see it was Jimmy Olsen as Guardian through his mask. Yet no one can see Supergirl or Superman through their “clever” disguise?!

they are just wearing glasses! Glasses!

Nothing fantastically drastic changed about their appearance so how come no one knows Kara or Clarke as Supergirl and Superman

-random thoughts about keen observation

9 thoughts on “Disguise

    1. I’ve had people comment I look different without glasses. But come on, I’m still recognizable.
      If clark Kent and Lois lane were in a relationship how could she not tell he was Superman. She was right up in his face kissing him. Glasses didn’t make that much of alteration. Maybe it was the way he carried himself

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      1. Hmm, could be. I look at it as one of those creative mistakes that was overlooked until it was too late to go back and change it haha. Like why would any hero wear a hood?


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