Whew! What a busy week!

I worked 51 hours this week. 11 hours on Wednesday! WTF!

We were extremely busy on Friday! I got my ass handed to me on plate two hours before I was off shift!  Normally when I am that stressed out I have a complete meltdown

I make Klaus Mikaelson look like he is meditating peacefully!

Image result for klaus mikaelson angry gifs

However, I was so chilled that nothing made me angry.

  • all the smoothies ran out at the same time.
  • the cream machine ran out
  • a mother let her kid order! my times are running at 5 minutes and a 2 year old is ordering!

Image result for no one has time for that gifs

The Lane 1 was not helping, my McCafe person was nowhere to be seen. I just let all the coffee orders be handled by Lane 1 while I handled McCafe.

The manager? Was so chilled out at this point he was actually in a good mood.

Was it a freaky Friday?

Who knows. All I know I was quite proud of myself.

then a woman orders a fish burger.

“You better make sure its fresh or I am coming in there!” she threatened.

I was so startled, I started to laugh. I was laughing so hard, Steve turned around to look at me.

“Whats so funny?”

I had to find my voice. “She told me to make sure her fish was fresh or she is coming in here!”

steve rolled his eyes. “Yeah ok”

“Like I care.” I wheezed.

That was awesome!


15 thoughts on “A BUSY WEEK

    1. Lol yes but she wanted them fresh out of the fryer. I want to tell them “no you are going to get your burger from two days ago. Don’t be stupid ”
      I got so annoyed when this guy kept coming in asking for fresh fries that I asked him “do you want two day old fries? Because your fries are fresh. ”
      He was stunned and replied that he just like fresh fries
      Stop asking for fresh when it’s busy

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      1. well now we actually had a game at work we used to play. it was really nasty. and we used to refer to
        “special white sauce” as cum
        ironically the white sauce on burgers is called chicken sauce or mayo. we are so devious.

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