Stuck with another migraine.

I had to babysit but fortunately for me, my niece is independent and entertained herself.

I took her out for lunch and we shopped. I needed to buy veggies and going out  was a bad idea.

“Auntie why are you so grumpy?!” She asked.

i smiled “I’m not grumpy I have a migraine”

we came home, and I collapsed in bed. She did whatever she wanted. Sang. Made videos. Played legos.

when I emerged an hour later, I thanked her for being such a good girl, and for being tolerant of auntie.

We cuddled on the couch.

we laughed and giggled. All was fine till she left. Through it all I had to pretend I was ok.

but this migraine is killing me!!!

mothers always have to be on their A-game. Good job moms! 🌸


      1. i try to sleep a minium of 8 hrs. with my meds for epilepsy I am supposed to have at least 10hrs.
        got to love allergy season.
        especially if there is pollen in the air.
        i am mostly allergic to vitamins and minerals. stupid right? mineral based anything, cant use. or drink. vitamin c is doozy on my system. but I try to build my immune system by taking vitamins. I mean I need the darn things to be healthy! 🙂

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      2. yes I always have to read the ingredients in makeup, moisturizer, shampoos etc. I just found out I have reaction to Nivea’s firming lotion. and i was careful to read the label!
        Side effects from meds is so horrible. we shouldnt have to worry about side effects when taking meds to help us.

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  1. ohhhh You poor thing – i fortunately have never had one but i have heard from friends how awful they are – i do hope that Your feeling better now and that You can have a relaxing sunday – very best wishes alan


    1. i am feeling a smidge better. I am going out for lunch with my sister and niece.
      migraines are horrible.
      I am lucky enough I havent had the pain to the point where I needed to go to the hospital. although I did need muscles relaxant for bad case of siniusitis. who knew there was such thing for the head! I didnt. ha ha
      enjoy your lovely Sunday Alan!


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