Whew! What a day!

Time to relax and chill!

I really think we need a massage chair in drive thru or a masseuse to massage the tension away.

I mean, I think my eye was twitching so much it looked like I had some sort of disorder.

I was doing fine, laughing and joking with the customers. Steve thought I was talking to myself. “Rebecca who are you talking to?” he asked while he was making a Frappe.

I frowned. “I am talking to Victor ok?”

He turned to me. “Did you just tell him you wouldnt make his order?” he asked incredulously.

I laughed. “Of course I did. Its Victor.” I sighed. “He dared to order tea with honey!”

Steve turned back to his frappe, mumbling under his breath. I laughed harder.

Ah my day isnt complete until Steve is grumbling to himself!

Yes things were going fine, until later on.

“I want two sausage muffin meals.” a customer asked.

“Ok” I replied. “were they with egg.”

“I said two sausage muffin combos!” he shouted.

And what part of the question didn’t he understand, I thought grumpily. “With egg? Is your sausage with egg!”

“Oh my god, lets start over!” the woman in the passenger side piped up like I was the stupid one who couldn’t possibly get this right!

“We want sausage muffin meals!”

“yes,” I answered. “I am asking you if those come with egg. Right now you just ordered two sausage muffin with no egg!”

There was silence. “Oh my god!” the guy exclaimed. “Of course they are with egg.” again with the holier than art attitude. Fuck off!

“Really? Because if you dont say sausage egg you get sausage muffin!” I snapped angrily.

Silence. “Oh. sorry.” he said in a meek tone.

The afternoon progressed ok. We were busy.

A customer asked for a number 2.

I had her order on the screen.

“Thats supposed to be breakfast not lunch!” she cried.

I sighed. “A number 2 is a quarter pounder. If you want breakfast please clarify you would like breakfast.”

“What?” she cried. “I said I wanted breakfast.”

“Yes. But if you want breakfast, please tell me!” I insisted.


I laughed however when lane 1 asked their customer for their order and my customer who wasnt near the speaker started to order.

my customer: I would like an ice cream cone.

lane 1: ok and what kind of nuggets would you like, sir? (to her customer)

my customer: hello hello I didnt want nuggets.

he pulls up to the speaker. I greeted him and he was so stunned. “but.. uh ok I would like ice cream”

Just before I left there was an order of 14 van frappe! and we ran out of Van frappe!

Then my customer at the speaker started to hello me, which really pissed me off, because I was trying to replace the frappe, make the frappe and he had just pulled up.

“Excuse me!” I barked, “I am trying to do 100 things at once here, so please forgive me if I dont greet you right away! I have my hands full! Now may I take your order please!”

Ugh, dollar drink days! so much fun!

I am so happy to be off shift now! ♥

12 thoughts on “RELAX! ITS ONLY A MELT DOWN!

      1. both your ass and pussy?!! I’d be so lucky as to have both? Thank you for your generosity. Hmmph…can’t cum yet…just the way M won’t let you cum…What an enticing idea.


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