The fashion industry should promote a fit and healthy lifestyle instead of body shaming the models when they don’t appear skinny enough or “fit”into the designers clothes.

not even the designers themselves can fit into their clothes, but it’s ok to tell the model they don’t have the “right” look or body type for what they have envisioned.

get the fuck out!

Being healthy is beautiful!

being who you are is beautiful!




3 thoughts on “BEING BEAUTIFUL

    1. I was reading an article where a model was shamed for eating an apple and drinking water and the photo director of her shoot told she was too fat. To go home and lose the weight. She hadn’t eaten anything all day but the apple and was dehydrated so she was bloated.
      The model won’t pose for that photographer anymore and pretty much wrote a scathing letter to the media about how she was treated.
      It was so sad

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