What does Fox say?

I didn’t realize my mom was watching FOX news, but CNN and I told her how much I love Cooper Anderson.

her face was priceless! She was outraged. “He works for CNN!”

i was startled. “Yes” I grinned “he is so funny!”

“you watch CNN?” She was aghast. “They report false news!”

i burst out laughing! Fake news! “No that’s Fox! They are so Biased!”

“Rebecca do your research!”




7 thoughts on “What does Fox say?

  1. You are so wrong. Fox News reports both sides of the story both liberal and conservative. CNN and all the other news media outlets knew for weeks that there was no Russians interfering in our election but kept right on reporting it. Comey admitted that neither Trump nor any of his team were under investigative.

    Meanwhile there has been massive voter fraud on the part of the libtards who in sanctuary cities wee giving illegal aliens drivers licenses and then illegally registering them to vote. It is against the Constitution for any non American citizen to vote in our elections.


  2. In Fact, sanctuary cities welcome illegal aliens who have been deported numerous times for convicted felonies back into the country and then refusing to arrest them. Kate Steinle was murdered in front of her father on the San Francisco pier in front of her own father by an illegal deported alien who had been deported 5 previous times. He just did it for no reason. She was a beautiful young 21 year old girl


  3. Jennifer Rubin said it best:

    “1.Wallace is increasingly at odds with the rest of the Fox News operation, which continues to spin on behalf of the president. You therefore see embarrassing encounters when Wallace is asked to agree with his colleagues’ nonsense. That occurred recently when he took issue with “Fox & Friends” co-host Pete Hegseth’s claim that coverage of the firing of former FBI director James B. Comey was hysterical. “This is a big story. … This is the first time in history that a president has fired an FBI director who was conducting an investigation that was directly investigating him and his associates,” Wallace argued. “It’s a big story, and I think it’s a legitimate story to cover.” There is a real journalist telling the fake Fox News operation that it is wrong and indeed is misleading viewers.
    2.fox News personality Andrew Napolitano infamously put out the entirely unsubstantiated claim that former President Barack Obama “wiretapped” Trump Tower. It was left to Bret Baier to clean up the mess. “We love the judge, we love him here at Fox, but the Fox News division was never able to back up those claims and was never reported on this show.” The “Fox News division” — is that a subset of the entire operation falsely labeled “Fox News”? It was not simply an opinion that Napolitano was advancing, but a baseless lie. It’s the same baseless lie that nighttime hosts continue to argue is an issue for legitimate investigation.”

    Then there was a former tech writer who became an editor because he was wary of how the media “fact-checked”

    “I think what the media really needs to be doing is finding the proper way to tell the story of the Trump administration. One way that I’ve praised some mainstream media outlets for doing that was Time magazine devoted a cover to Donald Trump, which I’m sure must’ve really excited Trump because he loves you stuff like that, but what Time ended up doing with that cover story was fascinating. They made it about Trump’s penchant for dishonest and they told the story of Trump’s dishonesty, not in 10 different fact-checks of little things that he said that turned out to be inaccurate or false, but in the context of Trump’s career and his life and the way that he’s built his public persona. They really dove into what is Trump’s relationship to the truth and when is he lying, when is he bull-shitting, when is he saying something just without real concern for whether it’s true or not but just saying it because he wants to have a certain impact on people?” -Will Oremus

    Fox news is biased. They kiss Trump’s ass.If he says “I hope that rat bastard reporter jump off a bridge” they will report it as “a reporter jumped off a bridge today.”
    whereas Washington Post, NY times, CNN, Newsweek etc they report. Which is why every time someone from CNN interviews someone from Trump’s admin, the Admin is left stumbling over their words or deflecting because they cant come out and say “hey what Trump said was true”


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