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  • I will have a Skoreo.  I am supposed to know that it is half skor and half oreo
  • I will have a coffee. Half and half: customer got mad when he had to explain it meant half cream and half sugar
  • I will have orange pop. That is half orange fruitopia and sprite! : nope just orange fruitopia! we dont do mix drinks!
  • I will have a large coffee Mcdouble: ew you want a mcDouble in your coffee? nope its supposed to be a large double double
  • I will have a mix shake. that is half chocolate and strawberry: customer got so upset that we didnt mix drinks anymore she was demanding to know how we would make up for the charge in inventory!
  • I will have a pancake meal: explained to the customer 3x  the kinds of pancakes we had and the only meal we had was the happy meal. she needed a power point presentation, a chalk drawing and a picture before she understood she could get what she wanted, but not as a meal price!
  • I will have egg muffin and bacon: so you want egg muffin add bacon. OR a bacon muffin. The Bacon muffin!!! well you just ordered an egg muffin add bacon. Oh!
  • I will have an egg muffin with ham on it: ok an egg muffin. NO! an egg muffin with ham on it! Yeah it comes with ham. Oh!
  • I will have a black coffee with ice in it: Why do you keep making it wrong?!!!! I want an iced coffee!: Because we punch in exactly what you told us!  you still wont order it right. Its Ice coffee black.  Yeah ok. I will have a black coffee with ice in it! GTFO!
  • I want a mcChicken! Crispy! : oh you mean a crispy chicken? The #6? No! Did I order that? I ordered a #5 crispy! nope. sorry. doesn’t come crispy! Well, it looks crispy! GTFO!
  • I want to know does mayo or Hellman’s come on my McChicken!: Uh McChicken sauce. I asked you is it Hellman’s or Mayo! mcChicken sauce is mayo!

5 thoughts on “MY DAY HAS BEEN

    1. The mayor worked First booth with me taking cash while I took orders. She couldn’t do it. She was bragging about a college degree etcetera but then kept exclaiming how could she take cash and ask them what their order was?!
      It was funny.
      I asked a customer if he could do 7 things at once because that is what an order taker does and that is why it took a moment for a order to be asked for.
      And he got mad “well that is bs of course I can”
      “No u cant because u can’t even order” I replied coldly

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