On my days off I always feel guilty about binge watching tv shows. I should be doing something productive, but once I am in love with a character there is just no going back.

In this case, I was binge watching MTV’s Sweet/Vicious. About two college girls Ophelia and Jules who become vigilantes.   Jules realizes the university does nothing about the many reported rapes on campus.

Jules who was a victim of rape herself finds it hard to deal with the trauma, especially since her rapist was her best friend’s boyfriend. She decides to become a  vigilante to make the victims feel safe and make the rapists feel the terror and the violation the victims felt. Ophelia discovers Jules on one vigilante outing and in exchange for not revealing Jules to the police, she offers to be her sidekick. her Robin (not Robin because Robin is a bitch) to Jules’ Batman.

Ophelia’s quirky friendship helps Jules deal with her trauma.

Jules’s rape was dealt in a realistic way, despite the hijinks thrown in.

So much so that when Nate (Jules’ rapist) was justifying that the rape was consensual sex to his girlfriend Kennedy, I wanted to throw up. He was holding her against his chest, and he was stroking her hair like she was a puppy.

The expression on Kennedy’s face. void of any emotion except horror.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by a memory of my molestation when I was younger. The smell of his body odor. The way he touched me. I just about threw up my lunch.

Sweet/vicious was an interesting show, interesting characters.

Sadly Sweet/Vicious had only one season with 10 episodes and left it with the possibility of Nate getting revenge!

4 thoughts on “TV BINGE: SWEET/VICIOUS

  1. Too often the victims are again victimized when they tell their story…victimized by the very people and the system that are supposedly designed to “help” them. Perhaps vigilantes are the way to handle this unfortunate predatory situation. I know my wife feels this way. she was a victim for over a decade by her brothers…with her mother’s knowledge and “look the other way” attitude, unless she was blaming her daughter for “liking it”. You always appear to like it after a gun has been placed to your head playing Russian roulette and the hammer falling 5 times before he opened the revolver to show her that the gun was indeed loaded.

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    1. It’s always sad when the victim is blamed. It makes me angry when we are told we must have asked for it or like it because our “no” was ignored
      I am still jumpy when people come up behind me and try to hug me

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