Last week I ordered the entire Harper Connelly series by Charlaine Harris and was so excited to find the conclusion to the Dark Swan series by Richelle Mead. I just had to see if that damn Kitsune really would kill Eugenie’s children even if he did say he loved her! The humanity!

The Dark Swan series was really good and had me twisted up in knots!

Happiness! the books came in today! I was so excited!

I was even more excited when my CHARMED season 10 was also in the package!

I nearly keeled over in shock!

Cole and Prue are ALIVE! ALIVE!

Image result for cole turnerImage result for prue halliwell

How was this possible?

In Season 9!

the third arc!

I only had the two arcs!

I almost shat my pants because the third arc was sold out online and stores!

Ironically her spirit possesses a woman named Patience. Her ancestor was named Patience. Her mom’s name was Patty.

I am so fan-girling right now.

Gonna enjoy a bath and read my books ♥


4 thoughts on “BOOK HAPPY!

      1. My favorite was on sale and so I got it…I didn’t expect it to be so soft when I got to the car. So, I had to eat it! I do not like ice cream when it refreezes…..


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