Oh. My. God... "My panties would hit the floor so hard, they'd end up half way to China." -- Moriarty, Loki, Sherlock, Derek Hale, Peter Hale, Legolas, Stiles Stilinski, Oliver Queen, Captain Cold, Damon Salvatore, Enzo, Spencer Reid, Draco Malfoy, Klaus and/or Elijah Mikaelson, Tony Stark...

Image result for elijah mikaelson gifs

Hmm yes Elijah Mikaelson!

However there is just one slight problem.

I dont just have one favorite character.

I have many.

That would be a very interesting night.

I would be exhausted.

Who would go first?


    1. i remember when he was first on Vampire diaries. drool. with his hair flipping over his eyes. now his hair was slick back. wow. he was so intense! I remember the first scene too. When Rose, Damon and Trevor (Rose’s friend) went to meet Elijah to please spare their lives. the first thought that came to mind was, that Rose and Damon were going to live because Elijah was a man of his word. Literally. He meant every word he said. True enough he killed Trevor because Trevor let Katerina escape.
      Its been 10 years of elijah Mikaelson! whoa!

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