Maybe its years of being told “a young lady sits with her legs closed while wearing a dress”

or maybe its years of being told that if she dresses or behaves a certain way she wouldn’t have to worry about being raped.

A young girl shouldn’t have to worry about to etiquette in this day and age. She shouldn’t have to be told that the spaghetti straps of her shirt are too thin and her shorts/skirt is too short and it is too distracting for men.

Because men should be told how to act.  A man should be taught that a woman is much more than her body. She should be not objectified. If a man is noble and was raised with integrity, a high degree of morality and common sense he would treat a woman with honor and respect. Protect her when she needs to be and respect a woman’s right to say no.

A mother should be able to watch her daughter enjoy her childhood and not have the fear that creeps up the back her neck. Simply because her daughter is wearing a sundress.

-My thoughts because I felt so guilty telling my niece she should sit with her legs crossed in her dress. “But I am uncomfortable, auntie” she kept telling me.

“You are not wearing shorts underneath. If you were wearing shorts it would be ok” I snapped.

We were in the park, and a number of men roaming amount especially drunk ones put me on edge. When I heard those words coming out of my mouth, I almost wanted to cry.

What kind of message was I sending to her. That she should be ashamed to be a young girl? I was being a hypocrite. It was damn shameful.




  1. When we have music videos which objectify and people in high places who objectify, and clothing which objectifies (eye candy written on the ass of sweat pants or as a brand name), it makes sense to instill modesty. Modesty is a forgotten art. We live in such a do as you want world, we forget how lovely covered shoulders or legs being together actually are. Modesty shouldn’t be evil, it should be taught. You can be modest in a skirt which barely covers your butt, as long as you don’t wear a thong underneath and bend over to pick something up. Because in our world, since humans were created, that half naked ass hanging out is going to garner interest. It doesn’t matter if you are a native Alaskan from the 1800’s or a modern girl trying to prove you can do whatever you want. Half naked bodies attract. No matter what the sex of the body!


  2. Yes there is a saying isn’t there?
    The less you reveal the more a person can wonder.
    Be a gift someone can unwrap 💕
    Sadly young women and men believe the more skin revealed is more enticing. and to attract their mate.


♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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