“You are so quiet” M’s voice startled me. “What are you thinking about?”

we laid tangled in sheets, sweat drying on our heated skin. Our breath laboured. My head resting on his chest, his heart racing in my ear.

Sunlight was trickling through the window, the day was slowly breaking. “I was thinking of you. Of us.” I murmured.

“Really?” He stroked my hair, his fingers combing through the strands in languid movements. “Why?”

i twisted onto my side propping my chin on his chest, gazing into his blue eyes “Why?” I echoed.

“Yes why” M’s hand stilled. “I enjoy our time together. Don’t you?”

I smiled. “Of course I do.”

M folded his arms behind his head, “I admit the time isn’t much.” he frowned.

I laughed. “No, believe me, I am not upset.” I kissed his throat. Sprinkling little kisses down his chest, his abdomen.

he growled approvingly. “Good. ” he seemed hesitant. “look, Becky, I didn’t want to say anything.”

I frowned. That didn’t bode well. “What?” as I hovered over his hipbone.

“I invited Alli for a visit.”

My head jerked up at his sister’s name. “Say what now?”

“you haven’t seen her in a long time.” M started to explain.

“There was a reason for that,” I rolled off M. Gathering my clothes off the floor of his hotel room, I stormed into the bathroom.

“Come on, Becky you still can’t be mad about that!” M cried.

“I was not mad! I was hurt!” I answered.

I turned on the shower,  thinking back to the days when we were children Alli and I would race through the fields behind their parent’s house. We were close.  When we had gotten older, it was as if time had made us into separate people.  We no longer had the same ideals, laughed at the same jokes and out of the blue, she chose to tell me how much I changed. That I wasn’t the same person I was when we were younger. We just couldnt be friends. We hadn’t spoken since. It had been a wake-up call.

Climbing into the shower, I let the water beat down on me to ease the tension from my shoulders.

The shower curtain shifted, M poked his head in. “Call a truce?” he asked. “I ruined the after glow with all of this serious talk.”

I glared at him for a moment and then smiled. “Only if you wash my hair!” I pouted.

He smiled. I moved so he climbed in under the spray of water.  I felt his arms wrap around my stomach and I leaned my head back against his shoulder. His lips pressed against my neck.  “We could stay here. If you want. Until we become wrinkly prunes.”

I laughed. “What are you talking about? Wrinkly? You already have gray hair!” I teased.

“Ouch! Calling me an old man!” he sighed. He released me long enough to reach the shampoo. He poured a generous amount into his hand and lathered it into my hair. I purred in delight. His touch was firm and gentle on my scalp.

I smiled. “I am a distraction from reality,” I admitted. “And one of these days, your reality is going to come crashing down.”

M slowly wrapped his arms around me, drawing me under the water. “If for any reason my wife finds out about you, it will be from me. No one else,” he promised. Realizing I couldn’t see him through the shampoo that was trickling down into my face, M laughed.

He swiped the soap suds out of my eyes, his gaze burning bright with hunger and something else.  “I love you.” his lips kicked up at the corner. “For a side chick you alright”

He grimaced when I punched him. He laughed. “I was kidding!”

“You will protect me, is that it My Dark Knight?” I teased. “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.”

He pinned my wrists above my head against the cool tile and his lips found mine hungrily. “shut up and kiss me my little sex monster!” he grunted.

I could feel my heart racing. His mouth found one of my breasts. The heat of his breath on my skin felt wonderful. The rasp of his tongue scorched the sensitive tip of my nipple. Teasing, before his teeth raked over it. “Oh fuck” I gasped.

M chuckled. “You like a little pain with your pleasure,” he whispered. “I noticed that about you”

I shook my head. “Not really”

“A little pain” his hands cupped my bottom. Then without warning, he gave my ass a smart tap with the flat of his hand. Startled I let out a yelp. He chuckled. The delicious surge of pain melded with the sensations he was creating with his mouth. Sucking on my nipple, he alternated between nipping on it and smacking my bottom until I was squirming with frustrated need.

My clit was swelling begging to be touched, M would spank me on the under the curve of my bottom so his fingers would brush my pussy lips. “Please! Please!” I begged.

M smiled. Reaching down, he turned off the water. Taking my hand he led me back to the bed.


The dining room was elegant, sleek black and touches of gold emboldened the tables chairs and chandeliers. Long stemmed glass ware sparkled on the table, and the menu boasted of appetizers such as warm figs with goat cheese pistachio and balsamic glaze. I grimaced, closing the menu.

Much to my chagrin, I had arrived early and not fashionably late as I had hoped. I was seated at a table for six. I noted discreetly, that I was under dressed in my snow rose maxi dress, and matching shawl.  Many of the diners were either in cocktail dresses, or in business casual.

“Would you like a wine to start?” the waiter suggested.

Startled I shook my head. “A daiquiri. Please. Virgin.” I sighed.

The waiter made a note of it, and walked off as my mobile chirped. I answered it.

“Becky” M’s voice sent my heart racing.

“Where are you?” I asked.

He chuckled. “I am still at the hotel, waiting on my sister and my wife.”

Wife? My heart leaped into my throat. What the hell was I thinking? Agreeing to this?

“I don’t think this is a really good idea, ” I stammered. “For god sakes, I thought I was late! You aren’t here yet!”

M chuckled. “Calm down! Are you nervous?”

Nervous? Was that an understatement?

“Yes! I thought it was just going to be us and Allie! You are bringing your wife too! Oh my god! I cant do this!”

“Becky,” M’s voice lost its teasing undertones. “Relax. You are going to be fine. We will be fine! Now no more theatrics”

I frowned at his chastisement. “I am underdressed” I went on in a hushed tone.  “why didn’t you tell me what to wear!” my voice rose higher.  “I am feeling like a gaudy centerpiece someone left on the table the last minute.”

M burst out laughing. “Enough! I told you I wouldn’t put up with you putting yourself down.” he sobered. “I will be down in 10 minutes. Pull yourself together!” M ‘s voice was firm. It brook no argument. “You haven’t seen my sister in years. You could pretend at least to be happy to see her!”

There was a click and then dialtone. I stared at my mobile in frustration.
I dropped my phone back into my purse.


That’s what I needed to calm my frayed nerves.

Not the Virgin Daiquiri that was served, but something harder like a Paralyzer, I mused.

But you don’t drink, an inner voice chided, your medication remember?

I sighed.

Perhaps this was how it was supposed to be, I thought. After all, I was the Other Woman. He was married, his focus was on his kids and wife. He was right I hadn’t seen his sister or heard from her in years.

I was about to take a sip of my Daiquiri when I saw M, his sister Allie, Allie’s husband Jack and a woman bearing down on me. My eyes widen.

So this was M’s wife. She was beautiful. Long blond hair, wrapped up in a sleek top knot. Her skin was golden from the sun, light freckles sprinkling her shoulders and chest. She wore a pale blue spaghetti strap dress that accentuated her body in all the right places.

Yep, I thought, I was the gaudy centerpiece.

“Becky,” Allie reached the table first. I rose out of my seat. The last time I heard from her she had been rather cold.  She greeted me with a stiff hug. “It has been so long” she introduced me to her husband. I smiled warmly at him, taking his hug as well.

As if he was impatient to get the niceties over with, M cut himself in front of his sister. “This is my wife, Mandy” he introduced her with civility reserved for a stranger.

I blinked. Mandy took it in stride. She smiled sweetly as we seated ourselves. M ordered wine for the four of them. “What a quaint little town you have here, Rebecca” Mandy took a sip. “It is positively booming.”

I smiled, “Yes, so quaint. I pity the poor city folk who have to move here for jobs.” I answered. “No shopping, no entertainment. Nothing fun”

Mandy narrowed her eyes on my outfit. “Yes I did notice the lack of shopping”

“Yes we have to shop on the softer side of Sears!” I exclaimed with a bit of gleam in my eye.

Allie choked on her wine, M glared at me. Jack and Mandy looked befuddled by my remark. “I dont understand.” Mandy turned to M. “What does she mean by Sears.”

“The Hudson Bay Company,” Allie explained. “Where you bought the Roots sweaters for the boys.”

I frowned. “Oh, right you are American. Sorry about that. You probably shop at Target.”

Mandy gasped. “I do not shop at Target!”

M reached under the table, his hand clamping on my thigh in warning. “She doesn’t mean anything by it, Mandy” M smiled. “she was testing you on stereotypes. You know how much do Americans know about Canadians. Isn’t that right, Becky?”

I glared at him. “Oh yes, I sure was.”

Allie laughed. “Weren’t you in California once?” she asked.

“I was. I was so boggled by it!” distracted now by Allie’s question I turned to her and regaled her with my memory of California.

By the time the entrees came, everyone was laughing at my dramatic memory of California. Except one.

“You must have felt so awkward in such a big city, like a hillbilly!” Mandy touched my arm as if she meant to comfort me.

I smiled coolly. “Yes, I believe that is what the girls from Seattle called us. They were amazed we had MTV and fashion sense!”

Allie wiped at her eyes, “Stop it!” she wheezed. “You are making that up!”

“Nope, we had them convinced we had a Queen and a President” I took a bite of my steak. “That we needed licenses for dog sleds because in the winter time that was how we got around”

“Oh my god!” Jack sputtered, “You are surely making that up!”

It took a moment for me to notice that M was watching me with warm blue eyes. He smiled.

“I noticed that the setting was for six,” Mandy directed her attention to M. her brilliant smile never wavered. “Are we missing someone? Perhaps Rebecca’s date?” her gaze shifted to me again.

“You just noticed that now, we are nearly done dinner” I smiled. “You have such a keen sense of observation! Amazing!”

Mandy clamped her lips together in an angry pout and glared at me.

“Becky does not date.” M cooly pointed out.

“Yes, forever the third wheel” I clicked my tongue. “Perhaps it’s commitment issues.”

Allie put down her napkin and took my hand. “I wasn’t sure about tonight. M insisted I come. But seeing you.” she sighed. “I was so wrong about many things.”

I shook my head. “No you were right. I just needed someone to point it out to me. It hurt that you cut me out of your life though.” I smiled.  “I can’t believe how wonderful you look. I saw a picture of you on a wedding blog, you looked amazing.”

Allie laughed “A wedding blog. Yes that was a friend’s wedding.” she chuckled. “you do love to blog don’t you, Becky”

I shrugged. “yes I do.”

“Actually, I came across that blog by accident I was looking for wedding dresses” I admitted.  ”

M tensed beside me.  I could sense his cool anger radiating off him in waves. “Really” he raised his wine glass to his lips. “You don’t seem to be the marrying type.”

“Yes I seem to recall you saying the same thing,” I answered, waving my fork in the air. “I believed you said no marriage no kids. Yet here you are, with your wife who obviously adores you and a family. Kudos!” I took a bite of my steak and chewed slowly daring him to reply.

His blue eyes stared into mine heatedly, a silent promise of retribution.  “Touche!” he sipped at his wine. “You are full of surprises tonight, Becky!”

I got a little thrill knowing he was close enough to touch. The scent of him was comforting, erotic and intimate. His hand was still on my thigh, lightly stroking my skin through the fabric of my dress. Was he comforting me or teasing me?

“Wedding bells?” Mandy asked. “So there was someone?”

“no. No one.” I sighed.

M’s fingers began to pull the fabric up, startling me. The cool air on my skin lasted only but a second, before the heat of M’s hand touched my thigh. He inched his fingers upward. The whisper of fabric along my skin sent frissons of fire throughout my body. Every nerve ending was awakening, coming alive as he tucked the fabric up.

I preoccupied myself with the food on my plate, as my heart began to pound. Dear God, he was playing a very dangerous game. Higher his fingers quested until he found the damp fabric of my panties.

He gently stroked the damp indentation, sawing his fingers back and forth faster and faster. Excitement coursed through me. I felt dizzy, as he teased my slit with his touch. He continued having a conversation, laughing drinking wine as if he what he was doing under the table was nothing.

I wanted him so much. Deep inside me. I wanted him to burn this ache away. My eyes lifted to see M was watching me. His gaze heavy lidded full of hunger.

My breath hitched. “Excuse me, I need to use the restroom” I squeaked. I scrambled to tug down my dress and get out of my chair. I hurried out of the dining room in search of the restroom,  to catch my breath.  a hand caught me.

I let out a startled squeak. I was hauled into an empty hallway, flung against the wall. “I couldn’t wait to get you alone!” M groaned. “You were so right. Tonight was a disaster.” Ducking his head M caught my mouth with his. His kiss was hot urgent full of need.

“We can’t! not here” I panted my arms wound around his neck. He settled himself between my thighs. Rocking gently. The hard line of his cock teasing my sensitive clit.

His breath was coming in short explosive breaths. “Fuck! I just want to be inside you! Deep!  I want to fuck my cock deep inside you! I want you come all over me!” he rasped.

I was going to cum. I buried my face against his throat, inhaling his scent. His words were so filthy, I could feel my skin grow hotter. I was so close. I could feel the muscles in his back ripple and flex as he moved against me. The hot pulse of his cock through his trousers and my skirt was triggering a cascade of pleasure through me. “Let’s go to your hotel room.” I whimpered.

M groaned. He slowly pulled away. “Fuck we can’t go back there.” as he spoke he adjusted himself. “After dinner meet me in the pool. It will be open for guests only”

I sighed. “This blows.”

M burst out laughing. “Wait a few moments alright. Then come back.”

I scowled. “I know how to do this.”

M narrowed his eyes. “You better not. I better be the only married man you have ever slept with!” he said through set teeth.

I patted his cheek “It’s cute how you think I jumped off the virgin wagon when we started sleeping together.” I chuckled. M glowered at me.

“You weren’t exactly experienced” he pointed out.

“Ouch.” I framed his face and gave him a kiss. “don’t be jealous. You are the only one in my life.” the only one who wanted to be in my life, I thought.

M smiled “the pool later.” he released me and walked away. I straightened my hair and turned to find Allie staring at me. Her expression of horror and anger.

“I knew it!” she hissed. “I knew there was some reason he had for coming back here!”

I blinked. “What?”

“I just saw the two of you!” she cried. “My god it was disgusting! How could you do it! His wife. His wife was at the table!”

I took a step toward her my hand out in placation “Allie, let me explain.”

Her hand cut through the air, warning me off. “No you stay away!” her voice choked up. “You were supposed to be my friend. How could you do this?”

Friend? Anger and resentment surged through me. Was she serious? She hadn’t been a friend to me years! Yet there she was standing before me, her dainty figure quivering with self-righteous fury and condemnation. Did she really think so little of me?

“Allie,” I tried once more, my voice firm. “you are my friend. I wouldn’t deliberately hurt you!”


Allie wiped at her eyes. “Oh good so this wasn’t deliberate! or payback.” she let out a watery scoff. “Thank God. I thought I had it all wrong.”

I sighed at her sarcasm. “I am not like that.”

“You are exactly like that!” Allie hissed anger flashing in her eyes. “You haven’t changed. You still think of yourself! You are still a selfish bitch!” she held up her mobile startling me.

“What is that?” I asked warily.

“I was going to face time my father in law who was looking after the boys, but I ended up recording you and my brother instead.” she snarled.

I grimaced. “Say what now?”

“I said I recorded you and my brother..”

I narrowed my eyes. “Allie, why would you record us?” I asked quietly.

“For proof.” she snapped.

I took a step towards her. “Proof of what? That M and I are having an affair.” I  spoke in a calm soothing tone. I didn’t want to startle her. I just wanted that damn phone. I took another step. “What would you do with that? Show it to Mandy?”

Uncertainty fluttered across Allie’s features. “Yes.”

“Didn’t you hear what your brother said at the table. He didn’t want to be married. He didn’t want children.” There was confusion as Allie glanced at the mobile then at me. “Mandy was a one night stand. He did his duty. He married her because she was pregnant. Not because he loved her.”

Allie shook her head. “My brother loves Mandy and the kids.” she insisted.

Allie was like a spooked horse. Ready to flee. I was getting closer to her, making no sudden movements. My eyes hadn’t left hers.   “He loves the kids. Doesn’t care about Mandy. So if you want to you can show Mandy the footage.” “but it won’t be just his marriage you’re ruining. But yours as well.” I suggested softly.

“Mine?” Alarm flickered in Allie’s eyes. “What do you mean?”

“Well once Jack finds out you broke up your brother’s marriage because you were angry at me, how do you think he will feel? He will wonder what kind of woman he married.”

Allie flinched. “No, he wouldn’t. He loves me. Jack wouldn’t turn against me.” she whispered. I smiled. There it was the hesitation, the doubt. Her hand holding the mobile shook. She looked at it in revulsion.

I reached for Allie, snatching her mobile phone out of her hand. She hadn’t cleared the screen of the discriminatory video. I erased it and cleared it from her cloud.  “You really shouldn’t leave your passwords in the password key.” I admonished her. Then smashed the phone onto the floor and stomped on it with my foot. Shattering the screen and keyboard.  “Next time you want to threaten someone. Make sure they have something to lose.” I snapped.

I walked past her and into the dining room.

M met my eyes when I reached the table. “I am sorry everyone,” I forced a smile. “but something came up. I have to go. Thank you for the lovely dinner.”

M draped my shawl over my shoulders. “Is something wrong?” he asked quietly in my ear.

I ignored his question and smiled at Jack and Mandy. “It was so nice to meet you. Have a lovely trip home if I dont see you again.”

“What about Allie?” Jack rose out of his seat “I am sure she will be right back.”

I touched his hand. “Allie and I already had our goodbyes. ” I assured him.

“Let me at least call you a cab,” Mandy drawled.

“No thank you”  I declined. “Please do not even bother”

I Kissed M’s cheek, “we have a lot to talk about” I hissed in his ear. “Do not invite me to a fancy dinner like this again” I declared.

He chuckled “You did fine.”

  • ugh better quit while I am ahead!










4 thoughts on “the OTHER WOMAN

    1. Thank you! it felt great to write more than 300 words. ha ha
      i was inspired by a thought I had that morning. I had to wait until after babysitting to start writing it grr argh. I had no idea what time it was when I ended it. I hadnt had supper. so it was almost 10:30pm when I ate!

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    1. it was from a sears commerical and Cordelia Chase used it on Buffy Summers on the pilot episode of Buffy the vampire slayer. Not the exact same line but close to it.
      I have always loved it. Its a nice subtle insult! lol

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