Favourite book

When you go to the library and the first book you see was one of your favourites

TELL ME NO LIES by Elizabeth Lowell

JADE ISLAND by Elizabeth Lowell

and you don’t have a library card!


14 thoughts on “Favourite book

  1. I haunt libraries when I can. Oddly, I’ve not been in one except to print a single set of papers for mum. It is almost worse when you go into a bookstore without ready cash and see a book you want!!
    Great post.


    1. when I was reading Kim post I was reminded of one particular book that I absolutely loved.
      Freak by Jennifer Hillier and I ran to see if I had it. no, I lost it and most of my booksin the flood we had. I was so upset.
      Having to replace over 1000 books that I had acculmated over 20 years would take alot of money not to mention space. (i had a room for my library. in my new place I have none)
      so I am making due. With difficulty. oh its killing me!

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