I was watching this video last night before bed. It totally boggled my mind, because of how naive I really was. Sure I have heard of Stealthing. And how it was perpetrated as a rape crime.  if a man was to remove his condom during sex if a woman gave clear concise instructions not to. He took away her right.

A man could be charged with rape.

So can a woman.

Why doesn’t it penetrate the brain that everyone can be a victim?

Men could be raped by man or woman. No means no. Doesn’t matter what the situation is. Men could be molested. Men could have their rights taken away, but society doesn’t see that because they don’t see men as vulnerable. men are always perpetrated as horn dogs ready to go for sex whenever the occasion arises. No means no. simple as that. No matter the sex. Rape is a horrible degrading act of violence that is forced on the victim. No one should ever go through that. No one.

This where shit gets twisted.

if a woman should stealth a man she would not be charged.

If a man made it explicitly clear he didn’t want no children, yet she didn’t take birth control or she poked holes in his condoms to become pregnant she would not be charged.

Being a mother is her right.

What about her partner’s right?  the dude said no to kids! That was his right. She took that away from him. that was his sperm. She was taking it away from him. Wouldnt it be outrage if someone took her eggs without her consent? Yes, it would be. So why wouldn’t it be an outrage if someone took a man’s sperm without his consent?

The woman gets pregnant. He still doesn’t want the kid, or isn’t aware of the kid.  She could slap the guy with child support.  but in his defense, he can’t ask for an abortion. Because it is her body. Her decision.

I was sitting there in my own ignorance, stunned by my own naivety.

I probably rambled on incoherently in this post but it was such a fascinating and educational video!

Changes one’s perspective on victimization.



  1. OK, I had to look it up because I’d never heard of stealthing. It’s pretty sick. What sick bastard would do a thing like that? And if a woman did it to a guy I think he’d most certainly know in time not to cum in her. Weird, sick, disgusting.
    And I still adore you. ❤

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    1. It is disturbing.
      Mostly about power over the woman and procreating. Narcassism at its best.
      A man would feel safe knowing that if he wore a condom he could cum. He wouldn’t be wondering if his condom was sabotaged. He would be just hoping his girl took the birth control.

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  2. I absolutely understand this. Women are often victims, but not always. My eldest–I’ve written this somewhere….- was attacked by his smaller petite ex wife and he let her beat him up. Because if he retaliated, he would have hurt her badly. He was the stronger one by not fighting and yet, she was able to ‘erase’ the whole scene with a good lawyer. He still remembers. This, with the holes in the condoms and such, this is wrong. Worse wrong than most anything else. Need a punching bag!

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    1. The sad thing is no one ever will step in if a man is abused, because he is bigger and stronger. The woman is a delicate flower.
      I hate it women go after men in an argument hitting and yelling, trying to provoke a response. Especially when she asked to stop. When she gets it, she acts like a victim.
      How much is a person supposed to take?

      Any kind of Abuse shouldn’t be tolerated at all. 😢


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