Now I always get edgy when a new Doctor is introduced. Remembering the meltdown I had when Eleven died just makes me cringe! It wasn’t pretty!

So when I woke up to find out who the new Doctor was I was so excited!


A first in Doctor Who history!

2 thoughts on “THE NEW 13th DOCTOR

    1. I thought the same way when Matt Smith took over for David Tennant. Until I saw the turn he took the Doctor in. A little mad a little crazy a little ruthless. I loved it. Then came Peter Capaldi. Oh yes! Loved him as the Doctor. Except I got upset with the Companion Clara not seeing him. She just saw a new face, not her friend.
      So the New Doctor will be interesting. Especially if they have River Song return. The Doctors wife. Or if Madame Vastra and Jenny returns (fingers crossed)
      Rambling again ☺️


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