Lately we have been getting a lot of flack about accuracy.

When I talk about flack, I mean getting our asses handed to us by our boss.

Usually I just ignore his ramblings because I know I do my best to make sure orders are correct.

I think customers are too used to apps. Or automated systems.

Why bother talking to a human? Humans make mistakes.

Which is why when customers order they assume we know what they want. What they mean!

it takes too much effort to communicate with us. They spend too much time on their mobiles and laptops, and so asking a simple yes or no question require extra energy to calculate an answer.


1.a customer asked for a strawberry sundae. I politely inform him we no longer have strawberry would he like to try a blueberry one instead? “Since when haven’t you had strawberry?” He demanded. I replied two weeks. “So you don’t have strawberry shakes?” He asked. “Did I ask for sundaes? I meant shakes”                                                                        well what the fuck do you think we had been talking about for the last minute! Sundaes!

2. A customer who goes on FB regularly to critique fast food restaurants and their food service walks up to my window. He ordered his meal in a condescending tone, like I wouldn’t know what a sausage muffin was🙄 Asked for 1 pop, ordered 1 more meal and a coffee to go with that meal. He asked for his pop. I gave him his pop. He stared at me then his cup. “Where is my other pop?” he demanded. I smiled ever so sweetly. Then re read his entire order back to him once more. “I asked for a pop with my meal” he countered

“you ordered a bacon egg muffin meal with a coffee. The coffee was your drink for your meal.” He stared at me then marched over to the service counter “excuse me she made a mistake” he waved down a runner

“I asked for two pop” the other window girl and I were incredulous. We both heard him order 1 pop, but rather pay $1 he whined for it free! The manager pulled the runner aside and told him the customer only ordered 1 pop!

  1. ” i will have a BLT egg muffin meal. I will have a bacon egg muffin no BLT.” A customer ordered. After having to repeat the order several times I realized she wanted a bacon egg. I threw a cup.


The one thing I hate about the advertising is the ridiculous slogans they come up with. They dont  just come up with a chicken burger. or a salad. oh no. they have to come up with some lame thing that when customers look at the ad, they assume that’s how they order the burger. IE:

  • Seriously chicken.
  • The Bold burger (that was the jalapeno burger)
  • the Caesar On Salad.
  • The Greekin Out Salad.
  • My Morning. (that was an egg muffin!!! )
  • The 12 chicken burger. (which was #6 chicken burger but people thought it was the #12)
  • the egg muffin latte deal,
  • the signature Danish! (for fuck sakes it’s a Danish, not a strudel, not a pie a Danish!!!)
  • Steak egg bagel -steagel ( the first time it came out, a customer ordered a steagel I was clueless. When he told me it was called a steagel and thats how I was supposed to call it or he would tell my boss, I had  threatened to cancel his order. “you order it a steak and egg bagel or you can get out” he ordered it the right way)

4 “I will have a seriously chicken” nope. Not even going to dignify that with a response. “I don’t know what kind chicken that is. Please tell me if you want the Tomato or guacamole chicken” I snapped.

  1. “I will have the seriously chicken tomato mozzarella 600 calorie burger!” My eye twitched. “How about you just say the tomato chicken burger!” I told him.


7 “Hi may take your order please.” I greeted the customer politely.

“Yes please,” she answered. There was silence. I waited for a couple seconds. “Hello?”         “Hello,” she echoes.  this goes on for a few seconds. Until she asks why I won’t take her order.

“Yes I asked for your order you said yes please. so that’s why I was waiting for you to give me your order,”I answered exasperatedly.

“Oh, I didn’t understand what that meant.”

And I am done!

end of rant!

2 thoughts on “MAKING A MISTAKE

  1. Trip comes to your register and orders the following: One scoop of Becky, covered in chocolate syrup, whipped cream and one of those sweet red cherries that go on the milk shakes. Do you fill my order?


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