Reading a comment from Jack tonight made me grin.

I had been thinking the other night before I went to sleep that being a Mistress in the 1800s would be wonderful compared to the present day.

A Mistress; historically was a ‘kept’ woman who maintained a lavish style by a wealthy man so she could be available for his pleasure. The man would responsible for her upkeep, her debts, her housing as he would do so his wife even though he was not legally bound to. A mistress wasn’t considered a prostitute because she had only her lover. While sex would be expected, she would mostly be there for companionship, caring for him and because their relationship wasn’t much of a secret, of the social influence. She had considerable power and influence over her lover, even more so than his wife. Some Mistresses were of greater social status than their lovers but chose not to share their power.

*In present day women are educated, financially stable. Sure they would like to have their power over their men, but in doing so they appear clingy naggy whiny not all like their historical counterparts. Coy, sophisticated, ruthless, erotic and seductive.

Also the present day Mistresses with their lovers are discreet, once their affair is revealed, the entirety is considered scandalous. Men can lose careers, the mistresses are considered homewreckers blah blah so much drama.

While  I believe being a Mistress would be a great social standing in the 1800s, I don’t think it would be very good for the present day.

Unless someone can tell me why?

*all this is just my opinion

2 thoughts on “BEING A MISTRESS

  1. I’ve always wanted to be a Madam. To run a house of pleasure and at the same time manage a place of rest. A place where one could eat and sleep and the pleasure would be on the edges.
    On mistresses, I agree. The oddest thing? A man can have a kept woman in any age, but it is rare for a woman to have a kept man. And the woman is always given the label.

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  2. A married man should not have a mistress, unless the marriage is loveless. A true mistress is all things; lover, confidant, muse, companion, teacher. I would adore you as my muse and confidant. ❤ ❤ <3.


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