I'm just floored. And angry right now.
I can't understand how so called Christian people believe in God but pick and choose what to accept.
He creates everyone, He knows their plan their destiny.
Yet for so called Christian's they can't wrap their brain around the fact our sexuality is who we are when we are born. We do not chose to be straight or gay. We do not chose to be a young man trapped in a young woman's body.
We are created!
Therefore God knew who we were before we born. He had a plan! He already accepted us!
LGBT are not evil. The Devil did not tell them who they were supposed to be.
All everyone wants is to be accepted. Everyone!
Christians just can't say "you aren't worthy. you're not going to Heaven!"
Only God can judge.
My niece told my mother she could be whomever she wanted. Trans or lesbian!
My mother's response was to tell her she was going to hell
I was angry.
A young person had just committed suicide because her family wouldn't accept her, and my niece was acknowledging the young person. Acknowledging her existence, her decision her right to be whomever she wanted.
I told my mom if she ever talked like that again, I would never forgive her.
"That's ok God will never forgive K or that young one" my mom said
"That's right because you don't know what's it like to be depressed to the point of suicide. Having no one care for you" I hissed " that poor kid was suffering! And it's people like you who make them feel so helpless and alone! Don't think you are a Christian!"
"Satan is telling you these things!" She went on a spiel
"No, He is telling YOU these things!"
I was pretty sure my building could hear my argument.
I was so heartsick and heartbroken already over this young person's death. having my mother call me telling me she would never support my niece in any kind of decision enraged me. Then she had the gall to go the funeral?!

I didn't care who heard me.
People need to be accepted for who they are.
-just my opinion

6 thoughts on “ACCEPTANCE

  1. Wow, that was intense, but good for you. I’m not a very religious man. I don’t regularly go to church, my bible may be a little dusty, and I’m far from perfect, but I know what’s right and what’s wrong. I don’t judge, and my God doesn’t judge me. We all are what we are. My son came to me last Christmas, and said he was gay. I cried like a baby – not because he was gay (I love him unconditionally). I cried because, he had been holding this inside for years, and had been sad, alone, and afraid. He thought I would hate him, disown him, or throw him out. To be honest; I was relieved when he told me. Nothing has changed between us, but his life is so much better. He’s finally happy, and that’s all that matters. Sorry, I rambled a little too much. Your post hit home with me. I’m sure your mom is a good person, but if she starts up again, she can come talk to me.

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    1. I am happy to read such a comment. Your son is very lucky!
      I am hoping my mother will change her mind but I doubt it. She still thinks Trump is religious and her interpretation of the bible is way off.
      Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you 😊
      I try to be accepting especially now these days.
      I never want to be a person that turns a person away when they feel lost or sad or confused. I felt depressed and was turned away because no one could understand those feelings.
      So I try to be there and it makes me so upset when people are apathetic and use religion as an excuse not to be a human being

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  2. Many kudos for standing up for your niece, for refusing to silently consent to the hatred.
    I left the Catholic Church over similar attitudes, more nicely phrased. In addition to your excellent points I just don’t think God obsesses over what goes on in the bedroom. In the Christian Bible he, through his prophets, go on at far greater length about hypocrisy and cheating the poor and vulnerable.


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