I must be feeling better.

After a restless night, I had strange dreams that connected together.

The first one was very erotic. Something out of a novel. There was a man on a bullet motorcycle, with a woman. They were driving down the highway late at a night. Rain pounding down upon them. The woman was in front straddling the man. She was wearing a skirt, hitched up to her hips. The man had his fly open.

UNF! The slow undulation of the woman’s hips as she was riding this man’s cock, she was doing all the work.  the slow thrusting of her hips. His cock sliding in and out of her, her juices glistening long the length. her clit rubbing on his pelvis. When he came, his cum just oozed out of her as his cock pulsed inside her.

It was one of the most sexiest fucks I ever dreamed.

However my dream-self was not having it! “Fuck that! There is no way a woman and man can fuck like that on a bullet bike! While moving!”

Suddenly the scene changes!

That scene had been written by one of my childhood crushes Clayton. We were in a writer’s group. He is amused that I dont find it realistic enough. He points out my writing is never realistic, but it is always steamy and sexy enough to get him hard.

I blush.

“Maybe she is jealous you werent writing about you and her” sneers another writer. This guy is so smarmy. He thinks he is God’s gift to women. I give him the Bird.

Clayton laughed. “She is not jealous. She already knows she can have me whenever she wants.”

I stick my tongue out at him

And thats how the dream ends.


8 thoughts on “SLOW RIDE

      1. You know how I said I hadn’t heard that song?
        Well ever since I read your comment I had this “slow ride take an easy” stuck on my mind all day! I thought that can’t be the song! So right after work I went onto YouTube and checked out the song!
        Jeepers! My dad would sing that song all the time when I was younger!

        Liked by 1 person

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