The girls and I were having a discussion about kissing. Or I should say they were asking me questions about kissing. Like I am sort of expert.

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what do you call the kiss if someone pretends to kiss another. on the cheek.  Air kiss?

what do you call the kiss when you kiss your palm and blow it? blowing a kiss. The girls looked at each other and laughed. “No that’s a flyaway kiss.” I frowned. “no I am pretty sure it’s blowing a kiss.”

what about a torrid kiss. Now that one had me confused. “You mean the French kiss?” the girls shook their heads. “We call it a torrid kiss.” Leta explained. “it’s like french kissing.” I frowned once more. How can it be like a french kiss but not? I glanced at Leta then Heidi. Both had perchance for kdramas. In Korean dramas and most Asian dramas, the couples don’t really french kiss. They kiss passionately but don’t use any tongue. I sighed in realization. “Are you thinking about how they kiss in kdrama?” I asked. Leta laughed.

“yes!” she cried.

A slow grin curved my lips. “Heidi, how are you going to kiss Jimin?” I teased. “French kiss or Torrid kiss.”

Heidi grimaced. “Ew french kissing.”

“ew?” I teased. “Are you going to blow him a kiss.”

Heidi laughed. “no!” she was shaking her head. “How come in Canada no one air kisses when they greet each other?”

My eyes went wide. What? “You mean like the Europeans do?” I shrugged. “I dont know. maybe because it was mostly for sophisticated people.

chicago tribune 1887:

“Nothing is more dainty than the kiss of a wellbred chaperon, who, mindful of the time and trouble spent over the powder box, gently presses her lips on your hair just north of your ear. The minister’s wife is another sweet soul, who knows where a kiss will do least harm, and her favourite method is an air kiss, with the gentle pressure of her cheek to your cheek.”

“What about hugging?” Leta asked.

I almost spat out my honey water. “When I was younger it was unacceptable for me to hug other people.”

Their eyes bugged out. “Really!”

“it was not done. You didn’t hug your friends. You didn’t hug your same-sex friends, you didn’t hug opposite sex friends unless you were dating. And you certainly didn’t hold their hands. Imagine my surprise when in my adult years it became acceptable! suddenly everyone was hugging everybody! my god I almost clocked people out!” I exclaimed.

“me too!” the girls exclaimed. “unless you are my best friend and family don’t hug me!”

I rushed over to Heidi Leta and then grabbed Devy. Hugged all three. “But now I hug everyone.”

“You are not hugging me, Becky! You are choking me!” Devy cried. “Air! Air!”

I hugged her tighter. “but you are my friend, Devy”

She laughed. “ok.”

I love these kinds of moments with my friends.



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