It was one of those days when my coworkers started to comment “I hate to see what you going to post on your Facebook!”

Ha! I don’t have a death wish!

You know your day is going smoothly when basic bitchs ask:

  1. I will have your low-carb double quarter.
  2. Is there dairy in your chicken sauce? Could you check?
  3. How much protein do you put in your smoothie?


My eye started to twitch.However my mood started to sour when I started to take an order but I missed what he had said.

“Just the burger!” He snapped. “Jesus Christ!”

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t hear you. What burger?”

He mumbled again then shouted “no onions! Jesus Christ!”

“I’m sorry?”

The cashier piped up the customer wanted a cheeseburger.

“Oh a cheeseburger”

“No onions!” He snapped “Jesus Christ!”

I was getting really angry now. Every time I asked him to speak up he would snap at me, rudely offensive.

“Sir I am asking you to repeat yourself because I couldn’t hear you. I have 5 people talking over you.” I explained politely.

“So? Jesus Christ! It’s two cheeseburgers!” He began again.

I had enough. “Sir! There is no need to have attitude when I’m trying to take your order!” I snapped “I explained why I couldn’t hear you!” I explained his rude behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated.

Well the drive thru team was stunned.

The presenter looked out the window “oh no he is Filipino”

“So. He can bring it” I snapped.

He brought it alright claiming I was being a racist. He was yelling at the presenter in Tagalog.

My jaw dropped. Now I was really pissed off.

I marched up to the window “I asked you to speak up because I couldn’t hear you! Not because of your accent!”

“So!” He shouted “you are rude!”

“I don’t care! It’s not rude to ask you to speak up! It’s rude to keep saying so, and getting angry at the order taker!” I snapped.

His mouth dropped.

“Whatever.” I walked away.

So a manager walked up asking him what was wrong. He told her I was being rude and racist.

She sighed and apologized. Then looked at me “should have let me handle it”

“No I dealt with it!” I snapped “I was not being rude by asking him to speak up. And by asking him to stop being rude”

She blinked. “Oh he said..”

Steve walked onto the floor and she told them the complaint he shrugged “Miss. Congenitally strikes again.”

“I wasn’t being rude”

“And let’s not rehash it” he muttered “I don’t care. ”

Trying to stay positive after that? Wow!

One thought on “ONE OF THOSE DAYS

♥writing was all I had, all I’ve ever had, the only currency, the only proof that I was alive. Memory.♥ each of us has a story to tell. Leave your thoughts. Leave your comments.

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