Pain is temporary. Pain ensures you’re alive. No pain no gain!

Me: I must be a weak sack of potatoes! Because pain is making me vomit!

Ugh after throwing up numerous times because of being in pain I finally gathered the courage to call the doctor.

I’m one of those people who abhor doctors, will literally be on their deathbed before even gracing the ER!

The health care anyone receives in this town is a joke. The Triage system is a joke. Having a government that won’t give us enough doctors so we won’t be sitting for 6 hours when there is 1 doctor 3 nurses. And 10 patients is ridiculous! Even if a patient is seen the symptoms are ignored, the doctor talks over and rushes them out the door! It’s so sad because a lot of people are not getting care they need, cancer, heart, diabetes. I think this hospital has the most complaints against them and yet nothing is being done. Can you imagine if you’re a young mother and if you have to bring your kid here? Or you’re an elderly person?

Perhaps I’m just being over dramatic and a whussy. But hospitals scare me. Doctors infuriate me.

I am also one of those people who, if I get sick will think it’s something so horrible! Even if it’s a sniffle!😂


  1. It sounds awful Rebecca. I have been given the impression that the Canadian health system is the envy of many globally because it’s government funded and patients are not out of pocket after a visit. It seems like there is a dearth of health professionals in remote areas of your lovely country.


    1. Yes. Ironically Money Sense Magazine wrote a piece about how my town was one of the best places to live including the Terrorities. Ha! In what universe?
      Canadian health care is great!
      But Northern Health is the main provider of North BC. It oversees our hospital. And it’s the reason we have horrible doctor care!
      Many people complain to them or the Physicians College but rarely anything is done

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      1. I’m really sorry to read that. If I wasn’t so happy doing what I do here I’d think about practising there so I could have breakfast at your restaurant every morning before work. I’d have to remember to ask for coffee properly though 😃


      2. It’s good to hear that you’re happy doing what you are doing!😄 lol maybe you would see me have a “temper tantrum” if you did eat the restaurant!😂😂😂
        I think I would be too emotionally involved to be a doctor. I would cry all the time or maybe I would become someone with a God complex! Yikes!
        While I don’t like doctors I have to admire them! They make so many decisions and have to be under so much pressure!
        I would crumple!😂

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